Friday, July 12, 2024
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    TV Report 5 May 2024: LEGO Masters’ Dianne and Shane inspire Brickman with Joker build

    TV Report 5 May 2024:

    Nine TV Report

    LEGO Masters: Australia vs The World

    Nine’s evening began with the tenth episode of LEGO Masters.  

    The LEGO Masters were challenged to create iconic vehicles for some of Batman’s greatest foes to earn a spot in the Semi-Finals. 

    Dianne and Shane’s build, a chattering teeth vehicle inspired by the Joker, impressed Brickman the most and earned them the win. 

    NRL – Dragons v Sharks

    The Dragons v Sharks game on Nine saw the Sharks dominate, winning the game 20-10 at Shark Park. 

    Seven TV Report

    Farmer Wants a Wife

    On Seven, Farmer Wants A Wife saw Farmer Todd set out on his journey to real love, before joining other farmers and ladies for a weekend of camping under the stars. 

    Jumping headfirst into speed dates – with some guidance from the original four farmers – Todd invited Daisy, Ellen, Grace, Iyesha and Jacinta to his farm.

    Anxiously waiting for their farmers on the camping site, the ladies from other farms heaved a sigh of relief when co-host Nat Gruzlewski introduced Farmer Todd and his ladies. 

    “I was stoked it was another farmer, because there was a split second where I thought maybe these girls are coming in and picking who they want to be paired with,” Anna said.

    With 24-hour dates at stake, Claire hatched a plan to steal some of Joe’s time: “I saw the bathtub near our tent, so yeah, I just wanted to set up a little spot for us to share some time together. It’s obviously very out of my comfort zone,” she said, leaving Farmer Joe pleasantly surprised. 

    As the evening progressed, Calya started to realise the differences between Farmer Joe’s lifestyle and her own. Confessing to Krissy from Tom’s farm, Calya said she didn’t see herself living full-time on the farm in the next five years.

    7NEWS Spotlight

    The program looked into Social Scammers using celebrity faces to scam over 600,000 Australians every year. 

    10 TV Report

    The Sunday Project

    The Sunday Project looked into the Government vowing to wipe $3 billion in HECS debt, Madonna’s concert for 1.5 million people and spoke to Sam Fischer.

    MasterChef Australia

    On 10’s MasterChef Australia, Andy’s mum Maree was in the kitchen to set an elimination challenge inspired by some of the Allen household’s classic retro dishes. Contestants had to make them MasterChef worthy to avoid being sent home. 


    Call the Midwife

    The maternity home was thrown into chaos by an outbreak of gastroenteritis, and Nurse Crane fights to save her career. 


    Invasion: The Normans

    Invasion looked into how an exiled Irish king persuaded the Anglo-Norman lord Strongbow to help him recover his kingdom. 

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