Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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    The Ads That Made Us: Specsavers, Softness, and Surfing

    Whether it’s a childhood jingle that you can still sing word for word, or a campaign that influences the way you work today, everyone has an ad that has really stuck with them.

    Mediaweek has been asking the industry to take a trip down memory lane, to find out all about the ads that made us.

    Lorraine Woods – National Head of Trading, Atomic 212°

    Should’ve gone to Specsavers

    “The ads are funny, light-hearted, attention-grabbing and – after 15 years – they now form part of our everyday language when poking fun of someone for missing something. They are great ads and the brand is now an intrinsic part of our lives.”

    Julie Fitzpatrick – CEO and Founder, Gravitas

    Kleenex – ‘Everyone Needs Softness’

    “Watching the ‘Everyone Needs Softness’ ads by Kleenex, I was always moved to tears – exactly the response they aimed for. Each ad wasn’t just selling tissues, it was reminding us of the universal moments when we all crave comfort and connection.

    “What stuck me was not just the emotional pull, but how these moments of vulnerability linked directly back to the product in hand. It was a clever play, where the very act of needing a Kleenex became a testament to the campaign’s message. These ads touched my heart, making me reach for a tissue, beautifully illustrating their point without saying much at all.”

    Susie Mather – Sr. Client Partner, DoubleVerify

    Guinness – ‘The Surfer’

    “TV ads have always been so powerful for their great storytelling and use of captivating imagery, but this particular ad took it a step further with its added play on amazing audio weaved in with moments of silence. In fact, it’s the lack of audio at times – the silences, the gaps amongst the pulsating beat of the music that make it so special.

    “How clever to turn waiting for the drink into anticipation and reward, transforming the negative into a positive. I also loved Guinness’ choice of black and white creative that aligns with the product’s characteristics.”

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    Top Image: Lorraine Woods, Julie Fitzpatrick, Susie Mather

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