Monday, May 27, 2024
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    AI industry survey launches

    Time Under Tension, Australia’s first generative AI experience agency, and industry news platform Unmade have launched an industry survey geared at exploring the ways AI is reshaping the media and marketing landscape across Australia and New Zealand.

    The survey, launched today, sets out to provide crucial AI insights for the HumAIn Principles working group, a precursor to Unmade’s forthcoming AI conference.

    Findings from the survey will be disseminated following the conference.

    Jason Ross, co-founder of Time Under Tension, said: “We’re excited to be able to benchmark the industry’s adoption of AI for the first time, and help shape responsible use of this technology.” 

    Forecasts from industry stalwarts such as Martin Sorrell suggest a looming upheaval in media jobs due to AI. Sam Altman, founder of Open AI, has expressed disdain for advertisements, publicly stating he “hates ads,” and foresees it potentially replacing 95% of agency functions in the near future.

    Cat McGinn, humAIn conference curator, said that the industry must band together in order to manage the potential risks of AI transformation.

    “AI will transform our working lives, but we still have an opportunity – even a responsibility – to shape and guide these changes. Let’s set our own course for the future – before it’s determined for us.” she said.

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    Top Image: Jason Ross and Cat McGinn

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