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    Find UK Instagram influencers to grow your brand

    Need to increase your share of voice in the UK market? You need UK Instagram influencers.

    Homegrown content creators engage their communities more deeply and get more impactful brand endorsements because of their strong, authentic relationships. And so, partnering with local influencers for influencer marketing enables you to tap into their deep understanding of local trends, cultural nuances and audience preferences.

    According to The 2024 Influencer Marketing Report almost half of all consumers make purchases at least once a month because of influencer posts. This shows that when influencers showcase a product or brand, their followers trust their recommendations and take action based on their endorsements.

    In this article, we’ll share how Instagram is growing in the UK, how to identify the right influencers for your campaigns and UK Instagram influencers making a mark in the industry.

    The impact of Instagram on the UK

    Instagram has taken the UK by storm and it’s not hard to see why. With its visually stunning content and endless scroll of inspiration, the platform has become a major player in the UK social media landscape, particularly among the young. Its ad reach is equivalent to almost half of the total population in 2023. And it ranks as the fourth-most popular social media network in the UK, closely following WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

    For brands and marketers, Instagram is the place to be if you want to connect with UK audiences. With its widespread adoption and engaged user base, the platform offers a unique opportunity to build brand awareness, drive sales and create meaningful connections with customers. It also helps you keep a pulse on the latest trends and best practices as it continues to grow.

    Whether you’re a business or an influencer, understanding the unique characteristics and preferences of the UK Instagram audience is key to developing winning strategies for influencer marketing success on the platform.

    How to identify the right Instagram influencer for your UK brand?

    Interested in influencer marketing, but unsure where to start? Here are five tips to find UK Instagram influencers.

    Review Instagram hashtags trending in the UK

    Trending UK Instagram hashtags offer a window into local interests and help you find relevant influencers and content themes for your audience.

    Start by opening the Instagram app and tapping on the search icon. In the search bar, type “UK” followed by your industry or niche, such as “UK fashion” or “UK fitness.”

    Find UK Instagram influencers to grow your brand

    Then, tap on the “Tags” tab to view related hashtags. Look for hashtags with a high number of posts and engagements, as these suggest topics UK audiences care about.

    Use keywords to find UK topics

    UK-specific keywords help you find influencers who create culturally relevant content for your target audience.

    Location-based keywords, like specific UK cities, neighborhoods or landmarks, are also great for finding influencers who create content in those areas. For example, search for “London,” “Manchester,” “Edinburgh,” or “Birmingham” to identify local influencers.

    Conduct competitor research

    Competitor research uncovers the influencers driving engagement for your rivals. Start by listing out your main competitors and searching for their brand hashtags or account handles on Instagram. Look through their posts and Instagram Stories to identify influencers they have collaborated with and analyze engagement rates (likes, comments and shares) to identify the top-performing influencers driving the highest audience interactions.

    These insights pinpoint the influencer archetypes, content pillars and partnership structures generating the best results.

    Use an influencer marketing tool

    Influencer marketing tools streamline the process of finding the perfect Instagram influencers for your UK campaigns with features like analytics and influencer discovery. They also help you manage your partnerships in one place.

    An influencer marketing platform like Tagger by Sprout Social complements basic features with advanced ones to make it easier for you to find, collaborate and measure your influencer marketers’ performance. It includes:

    Advanced search filters, like location, audience demographics, engagement rates and content style, help you identify the most relevant influencers

    Performance metrics, including reach, engagement and industry trends, to evaluate their potential impact on your campaign

    Communication and collaboration features that allow you to reach out to potential partners, negotiate deals and manage campaigns all in one place

    Real-time social data that lets you monitor your target audiences across different platforms and track conversations that mention your brand to make informed positioning and messaging decisions

    Screenshot of Tagger's Engagement Rate by Platform.

    Discuss UK regulations around working with influencers

    When working with Instagram influencers in the UK, comply with regulations set by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP). Compliance ensures transparency and maintains trust with your audience. Failing to disclose partnerships can result in penalties for you and the influencer. For starters: influencers must disclose sponsored content or gifted products using prominent hashtags like #ad or #sponsored.

    Check out the ASA and CAP’s comprehensive guide on influencer marketing for detailed advice to stay compliant.

    Macro Instagram influencers in the UK

    Macro influencers are creators who have a large following, typically more than a million followers. Partnering with macro Instagram influencers UK-wide gives you access to a broad UK audience, albeit with a hefty price tag. Here are five influencers who are very popular right now:

    Sam Thompson

    Sam Thompson (@samthompsonuk) is an English television personality and radio presenter with 2.5 million Instagram followers. Sam’s comedic content and collaborations with his girlfriend Zara McDermott have made him popular among his followers.

    Millie Court

    Lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger, Millie Grace Court (@milliegracecourt) rose to fame after winning Love Island UK Season 7. With 1.9 million followers on Instagram, she’s collaborated with brands like Gud Swim, Aveeno, Pretty Little Thing and ASOS. Her glamorous lifestyle and fashion sense keep her massive following engaged.

    An Instagram post from Millie Court featuring Aveeno products.

    Alex Scott MBE

    Sports presenter Alex Scott MBE (@alexscott2) takes her success on the pitch to Instagram, where she has 1.9 million followers. She shares her insights on football, her personal life experiences, fashion moments and her work as a sports presenter and pundit.

    Paris Fury

    Paris Fury (@parisfury) is the wife of Tyson Fury, a professional heavyweight boxer. As an Instagram influencer, she has a massive online presence with over 1.8 million followers. Her Instagram page is a window into her life where she collaborates with family brands like Peacocks and Newlook.

    An Instagram post from Paris Fury featuring her family.


    Kamoliddin (@best.chefme) is an 11-year-old culinary sensation making waves with his engaging cooking videos. He has a following of 1.8 million on his Instagram account, where he shares short, captivating videos that showcase his culinary creativity and skill.

    UK Instagram micro-influencers for niche campaigns

    Sometimes, broad isn’t better. Targeting a niche audience often leads to higher engagement and better campaign results. That’s where micro-influencer marketing comes in. These creators may have 10K–100K, but their dedicated and highly engaged audiences make them effective partners for brands looking to make a big impact in specific niches.


    Charlie (@charlierugby_) is a rugby player who shares her journey of recovery and return to sports following an ACL reconstruction surgery. With around 25k followers, Charlie shares valuable tips on returning to sports after such a major surgery and details the exercises she does.

    An Instagram post from Charhlie featuring Nutrition X.

    Oli Brooks

    Oli Brooks ( is a fitness influencer who specializes in creating sustainable workout routines for parents. With a following of around 25k, Oli offers a unique perspective on fitness and focuses on exercises that parents can integrate into their busy lives.

    Georgia Taylor

    Georgia Taylor ( is a financial advisor who demystifies finance for her 24k followers. She covers budgeting tips, money hacks, myths about money and retirement planning. Her goal is to offer jargon-free financial advice that makes the subject more accessible and understandable for everyone.

    Steph Bowmer

    Steph Bowmer (@stephshome_) guides her 12k followers through her home renovation journey, emphasizing DIY projects and room-by-room transformations. She often collaborates with home decor brands to showcase a variety of products that fit her style.

    An Instagram post from Steph Bowmer featuring cushions.


    Kajol (@spacesnplacess) is a travel blogger who explores and covers various spots in London, including art galleries, pop-up events and hidden gems. Her content guides and inspires her 8k followers to find new and exciting places within the city and offer a fresh perspective on London’s vibrant cultural scene.

    UK fashion Instagram influencers

    Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for social media marketing in luxury fashion or everyday style—UK fashion Instagram influencers have you covered. From designer labels to high-street brands, these style savants know how to create content that turns heads and drives engagement. Check out these three:

    Lydia Jane Tomlison

    Lydia Jane Tomlinson (@lydiajanetomlinson) is a content creator known for her style-focused content. She has 1.7 million followers and collaborates with brands like Zara and COS. Lydia often shares do’s and don’ts, styling tips and how to achieve a balanced look with wardrobe essentials.

    An Instagram post from Lydia Jane featuring styling tips.

    Charlotte Rose

    Charlotte Rose (@modelmouth) is a model and UK Instagram fashion influencer who showcases seasonal picks and different outfits of the day. She often shares shopping hauls from brands like Everlane and Free People, which has attracted a following of 937k fans.

    Arone Cross

    Arone Cross (@arone crosss) is a Parisian model and image consultant with an active following of over 151k followers on Instagram. His presence showcases his unique approach to fashion that blends elements of his cultural background with contemporary trends.

    UK food Instagram influencers

    If you’re looking to spice up your food brand’s Instagram presence, look no further. These UK food influencers on Instagram are cooking up a storm and have built loyal followings with their mouth-watering content.

    Rebecca Wilson

    Rebecca Wilson (@rebeccawilsonfood) creates delicious, family-friendly recipes. She’s a go-to source for parents navigating the weaning process since her recipes are good for babies and toddlers. With her approachable cooking style, she’s attracted 511k followers by encouraging families to prepare meals together without having to separate dishes.

    Lylaa Shaikh

    Lylaa Ali Shaikh (@Saltandshaikh), a travel and food content creator, shares her experiences eating her way around the world. Her 151k followers get a glimpse into different culinary traditions and tips on tasty dishes.

    An Instagram post from Lylaa Shaikh on London's fish and chips.

    Emma Hatcher

    Food influencer Emma Hatcher (@shecanteatwhat) creates gluten-free and FODMAP-friendly recipes. She uses her platform to share various recipes, food styling tips and insights into writing about food with her 32k followers.

    UK family Instagram influencers

    When it comes to reaching families, family Instagram influencers in the UK are the perfect partners. These relatable content creators have built thriving communities by sharing their everyday experiences, parenting tips and family-friendly products.

    Ashleigh Mogford

    Ashleigh Mogford (@Cardiff.mum) highlights her expertise in creating indulgent, budget-friendly meals for her 470k followers. She showcases the practicality and joy of her recipes and money-saving tips.

    Jess and Norma

    Jess and Norma (@jessandnorma) are a heartwarming grandmother-granddaughter duo that creates light-hearted content for their 455k followers. Together, they participate in light-hearted pranks, dance challenges and day-to-day adventures.

    Grace Victory

    Grace Victory (@gracefvictory) creates inspiring content on fashion, body positivity and mental health awareness. Her 237k followers love her for her empowering messages and stylish insights as she shares her journey as a new mom and her experiences with family life.

    Create a buzzworthy influencer marketing strategy

    Picking the right influencer is like finding the right puzzle piece to fit into your brand’s unique story. These influencers provide a gateway to connect with your target audience authentically and engagingly. With the right partnership, you’ll create content that resonates, inspires and drives conversions.

    Influencer marketing tools help you achieve your goals more easily. They eliminate a lot of manual legwork that goes into discovering and managing these content creators. Check out our list of the best influencer marketing tools to take your Instagram influencer strategy to the next level.

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