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    TV Report 28 April 2024: MasterChef Australia 2024 sees the first elimination of the season

    TV Report 28 April 2024:

    Nine TV Report

    LEGO Masters: Australia vs The World

    Nine’s evening began with the sixth episode of LEGO Masters.  

    Teams were given a hollow vintage TV which they had to fill with a recognisable TV show. Surprise guest, Sophie Monk, tried her luck at identifying the shows without any hints.

    Aussies Charlie and Haley were sent home as their Spongebob Squarepants build wasn’t enough to impress Brickman, scoring 12 out of 20 points.

    NRL – Raiders v Sharks

    The Raiders v Sharks game on Nine saw the Sharks dominate, winning the game and shocking the Raiders 40-0 at GIO Stadium. 

    Seven TV Report

    Farmer Wants a Wife

    On Seven, Farmer Wants A Wife saw the excited farmers and their ladies enjoy a night of music and dancing at the annual Country Ball, headlined by Aussie singer-songwriter Brittany Maggs. 

    The farmers caught up about their first few weeks with ladies, with Farmer Joe confessing mum’s choice Susie was a front-runner for him: “It was straight away just great chemistry and good match. We just have a real same sense of humour, and yeah, real instant, sort of thing.”

    With solo dates on the cards after the ball, the ladies put their best foot forward to try and catch their farmer’s eye. But Susie had something that she needed to get off her chest.

    “The farm work is not super enjoyable. I am really struggling, thinking about how that would affect me and my happiness long term,” she told Joe as she decided to leave.

    At the end of the ball, each farmer chose one lady for their next solo date:

    Farmer Bert: Karli
    Farmer Dustin: Izzy
    Farmer Joe: Calya
    Farmer Tom: Sarah A

    7NEWS Spotlight

    The program looked into Australian teens being caught up in a Nigerian scam where they are tricked into sending revealing photos, and then the blackmail starts.

    10 TV Report

    The Sunday Project

    The Sunday Project looked into protests to end gender-based violence, Tesla’s Cybertruck chaos and was joined by co-host Rachel Corbett.

    MasterChef Australia

    On 10’s MasterChef Australia, the first elimination episode of the season tasked the cooks with 75 minutes on the clock to create a dish representing their food dream. 

    Unfortunately, contestant James couldn’t do enough to impress the Judges, and was the first to be sent home. 


    Call the Midwife

    Sister Veronica was shaken when a mother revealed a terrible truth about her marriage, Shelagh cared for a baby with a life-threatening condition and Nancy harboured a secret. 


    Ancient Builders of the Amazon

    Recent discoveries in archaeology are exploding the mouth of the Amazon as a primeval wilderness, revealing traces of ancient civilizations that flourished for centuries, with populations numbering in the millions. 

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