Monday, May 27, 2024
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    Video: Here’s Everything We Do Not Know About the Use of Drones for Policing in India

    Lucknow police will be using a Mobile Drone Vehicle (MDV) equipped with facial recognition to manage crowds during election rallies and identify troublemakers. Reportedly, once the system receives the required validation, five more such MDVs will be introduced into the Commissionerate Police fleet. With a capacity to remain airborne for 10 hours, the MDV will send live feedback to a nearby police car for real-time surveillance. The MDV will also be linked to over 9.32 lakh criminal records, digitized within the database of Trinetra – the Uttar Pradesh government’s surveillance system that uses facial recognition technology.

    What’s interesting is that despite not providing the tender details for this project, the government still does not have an answer as to which department is responsible for the use of drones in policing.

    The use of drones by India’s police raises multiple unanswered questions, and can infringe upon people’s fundamental right to privacy, movement, and even to conduct protests. MediaNama journalist Vallari Sanzgiri delves into the reasons why the use of drones for policing in India is problematic.

    Watch the full video to know more:


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