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    Meeting of the Minds: Dave Levett and Remy Randall from Murmur Group

    This week’s Meeting of the Minds sees Dave Levett and Remy Randall from media and marketing agency Murmur Group reveal their leadership heroes, current streaming binge, and career goals.

    The Mediaweek series showcases their diverse perspectives, thoughts and opinions by bringing together two different points of view from an industry rookie and an experienced expert.

    Meeting of the Minds: Dave Levett and Remy Randall from Murmur Group

    Dave Levett, managing director, Murmur Group

    Favourite podcast/read –  Professionally – my favourite podcast at the moment is Uncensored CMO with Jon Evans, but my favourite read is How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp. I’ve read it three times, and pick up new snippets, tactics, and ideas every time I go back to it. 

    Current streaming binge –  Currently getting through season 2 of The Moodys on ABC iView – it’s from 2018 or so, but good Aussie humour and comedy. I finished Colin From Accounts recently which was equally brilliant and featured Patrick Brammall, and got referred to The Moodys because he was in it as well.

    Guilty pleasure content – I secretly love playing chess online and actually have a few games with a couple of clients on the go. Shhh…

    What do you have on repeat – Radiohead Kid A. It was the hardest album for me to appreciate at the time of release, but the album is like a very well-cellared vintage and just gets better with age.

    Best career advice – Very early in my career when I first became a manager of people, I tried to be the manager that we had before. After a while, my team were confused and annoyed. One person I trusted in my team came to me one day, and said, “Don’t try to be anyone else, be yourself”. Great advice I’ve always tried to focus on and pass on.

    Leadership hero –  My dad. He had a great career, 20 years in the one company and his staff still talk about how wonderful he was with them. He retired more than 10 years ago, but he and his staff, who have now all moved on, still catch up every year for a reunion. He drove a tight ship, but they all got a lot of success out of their work, and it’s something that I’d love to build and be able to look back on years down the road. 

    Best training course/session –  Mark Ritson’s Mini MBA was a great educational and learning experience, I often tell people that ask me about it that it was the best education I’ve had since university. He’s got a great way of delivering key messages, and the content is very easily consumed.

    I wish someone had told me –  Find a business partner to start your agency. Maybe the grass is always greener, but I’m very envious of agencies that have multiple partners to share the load and the stress around. 

    Favourite place to network – Anywhere but a networking event. People buy from people, and they certainly don’t buy from someone at a networking event, which just feels like speed dating. If I ever go to an event like that these days, I just try and find three people to have deep conversations with and build a relationship. Certainly don’t just go around handing a card out to as many people as you can.

    Something that’s surprised you about the industry – There are a lot of people in our industry that talk about how ‘toxic’ our industry is. I think it’s the best industry, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I have so much to thank this industry for. I met my wife at the first marketing agency I worked at.  We have a wonderful family I can thank the industry for. I have lifelong friends from this industry. If people think our industry is toxic, they are mistaking the industry for people they’ve encountered.

    What is your hot take on the industry – “Attribution” is the stuff of fairy tales, and ROAS should stand for “Reckless Overstatement of Ambiguous Stats”.

    Career goal for 2024 –  Run a half marathon under 1.5 hours. 

    Murmur - Remy Randall

    Remy Randall, account executive, Murmur Group

    Favourite podcast/read – Favourite podcast is Shameless, for sure! The hosts, Zara and Michelle, have a way of making you feel intelligent whilst listening to them talk about the crazy world of pop culture. I also feel like they are my besties, even though we’ve never met.

    Current streaming bingeBoy Swallows Universe on Netflix. The way it portrays the darker side of Australian culture is exceptional. Also, every main cast member absolutely nailed their roles.

    Guilty pleasure content – Currently Dance Life on Binge, which is about the lives of dancers completing their “full-time” dance year after high school. I was an on and off dancer growing up, so I can connect and empathise with the cast.

    What do you have on repeat – Taylor Swift, of course! I attended her concert twice thanks to Murmur’s connections.

    Best career advice – Work as though you’ve already received your next promotion. I try to remind myself of this whenever I feel a little unmotivated.

    Leadership hero – Jess Hatzis-Walker and Bree Johnson, co-founders of branding agency Willow & Blake as well as skincare brand Frank Body. These two women have very well-established careers in the marketing industry, plus own an extremely successful skincare company. Goals. They also share so much of their knowledge with the industry which I respect a lot.

    Best training course/session – I attend Toastmaster sessions as much as possible. These sessions help so much with my confidence inside and outside of work. Highly recommend.

    I wish someone had told me – To value education at a younger age. I’d love to go back to school and immerse myself in learning.

    Favourite place to network – In any social situation, over a drink. Something I’m still working on as too often I can fall into the trap of only talking to the people I know.

    Something that surprised you about the industry – Radio advertising is not dead! In fact, it was still one of the most effective channels in 2023.

    What is your hot take on the industry – Clickbait no longer works… consumers want to connect with the content. Also, podcast advertising will start to be one of the most effective ways to advertise in 2024.

    Career goal for 2024 – Be promoted to account manager at Murmur Group. I have my eye on the prize…

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