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    AI-powered martech releases and news: April 25

    AI-powered martech releases and news: April 25

    The use of AI by educators is not always a positive thing. This week a Maryland high school teacher was arrested for allegedly creating a phony audio recording of his boss saying very offensive things. Sadly, the fake audio went viral and the high school’s principal was “widely admonished,” according to one carefully worded news report.

    Eventually, investigators linked the email used to send the audio to an ISP registered to the teacher’s grandmother. An FBI forensic analyst found the recording “contained traces of AI-generated content with human editing after the fact,” according to the arrest warrant. The teacher used the school’s network to access OpenAI tools and Microsoft Bing Chat services a day before the audio clip was sent out, police said.

    Moral of the story: Artificial intelligence can do a lot of things, but you have to cover your own tracks.

    And now this week’s AI-powered martech releases, integrations and upgrades.

    • Blings’ MP5 Technology is an AI-powered video format that can distribute millions of personalized videos in a millisecond without the risks of data breaches or a time-consuming rendering process.
    • Streetbees’s SBX market research tool now has photo and video capture capabilities. It lets organisations capture consumer photos and videos at scale, in as little as 48 hours, to inform product development and brand positioning. 
    • Adludio’s AdSapiens is an AI-powered campaign platform for brands. It lets marketing teams plan, build and execute campaigns within a single dashboard. Also, it provides recommendations on how a campaign could be optimized mid-flight, enabling marketers to balance performance and marketing budgets in real-time.  
    • Multilocal has a global integration with AI-powered curation platform Onetag. Multilocal will add Onetag DealCurate into its offering, enabling its clients to access Onetag’s supply of premium publisher inventory globally.
    • CoSchedule’s Hire Mia launched a series of free AI Social Media tools to help with content creation. These tools include a Hashtag Generator, YouTube Tag Generator, Facebook Post Generator, YouTube Video Description Generator, and Social Media Post Generator.
    • TargetVideo added an AI-powered feature that streamlines content categorization for digital video publishers. It automatically classifies video content into standardized categories defined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).
    • WordLift’s AI SEO Agent is designed for SEO and content marketing tasks. Features include analyzing search demand, transforming, revamping and creating content.
    • MetaSoul’s Azure API provides real-time generation of emotionally expressive AI voices for animations. 
    • Geenuity added personalized AI-powered marketing analyzer and transformer tools. They are designed to produce emotionally resonant content. Also, they can integrate complex marketing concepts, including tone, brand voice, and urgency, along with advanced writing frameworks such as the AACCE model.
    • MCI USA’s OneSystem Plus, an event technology platform, has added AI-enhanced capabilities. These include features to improve speed and accuracy in several areas including messaging, data analytics and customer service.


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