Friday, May 24, 2024
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    HubSpot launches new genAI-powered Content Hub

    HubSpot launches new genAI-powered Content Hub

    HubSpot has relaunched Content Hub with a batch of new genAI-powered features as part of its biannual Spotlight product showcase. The new Content Hub offers:

    • AI Content Creation including both text and images.
    • Content Remix to create a pipeline of content variations on a single asset.
    • Brand Voice to maintain consistent tone across social, blogs, email, etc.
    • Audio tooling to create and host podcasts.
    • Post Narration to turn text into audio.
    • Members Blog and Gated Content Library to manage content and capture leads.

    A demo of Content Remix showed AI creating, simultaneously, a blog post, an email, ad copy and social media content based on a single original content asset.

    We spoke with Nicholas Holland, HubSpot VP of product and GM of Marketing Hub and CMS Hub about the announcement.

    The content hub idea is not new

    “HubSpot was one of the early pioneers of content marketing through the concept of ‘inbound,'” he said. “We did our blog, landing pages, forms, things like that, but a bunch of customers wanted to put their websites on us.”

    That led to the launch of CMS Hub — but content marketing kept evolving. “The old school, write a blog post, wait for it to show up on Google and start to get leads, was starting to be challenged. People wanted to consume different types of content — video, podcasts, eBooks, white papers. There was just an explosion of how people were doing content marketing, yet we had stayed frozen in time because we had invested in the CMS.” CMS remains part of Content Hub.

    The new face of blogging

    Blogs, similarly, are far from new, but Holland described the AI-based blog creation Content Hub will now offer.

    “With AI, our blogging tool is almost like an agent. It does research for you, it knows what your customers have preferred in the past, it does all the SEO research, it does outlines so you can collaborate, it does the first draft, it does the presentation layer, it picks images. It unlocks efficiency so that marketers can concentrate more on the effectiveness and quality of content.”

    HubSpot’s content history

    HubSpot itself is well-known as a content creator. The HubSpot blog is one of the most consumed in the marketing space, and in 2021 it launched the HubSpot Podcast Network. Now it’s set on helping its customers follow the same journey.

    “What was a real epiphany for me is that we serve businesses, not content creators or influencers,” said Holland. “No one goes to Spotify or Apple Podcasts and searches for manufacturing podcasts (or if they do, it’s very few). On the flip side, manufacturing companies have lot of unique industry data and niche concepts. Podcasts, as a content type, are all about meeting customers’ preferences. It’s not a top-of-funnel thing.”

    The development is that, using the AI tools, a manufacturing company — for example — can create compelling podcast content without needing to “have a giant studio and be all-in on $50K-a-year podcasting expenses.”

    Dig deeper: HubSpot’s roadmap for building community through content

    All-new Service Hub, new payment partnership

    The Spotlight announcements included a similar relaunch of Service Hub, including:

    • Help Desk Workspace where service reps can capture all the information they need, including real-time ticket updates as well as routing tools to direct cases to the correct reps.
    • Customer Success Workspace where customer success managers can track activity for all their accounts, see customer health scores and get suggested next steps after customer calls.

    Finally, while Commerce Hub has its own payment solution, a partnership with global payment platform Stripe will support local payment methods (e.g. credit cards or bank transfers) and multiple currencies.


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