Friday, July 12, 2024
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    Mable and Val Morgan Cinema extend HOYTS Sensory Screenings partnership

    Mable has partnered with Val Morgan Cinema through EssenceMediacom to extend its partnership with HOYTS Sensory Screenings until July 2024.

    The online disability and aged care support platform became Australia’s first-ever sensory screening partner in July last year, with the brand sponsoring all screenings across the country.

    HOYTS Sensory Screenings are sensory-friendly screenings that have been designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable cinema experience for individuals with sensory needs.

    As part of the session, the lights are dimmed, and the volume is softened so people with autism or sensory needs can feel safe.

    Pippa Berlocher, CEO of EssenceMediacom, said: “With Mable’s business connecting people looking for disability or aged care support with local independent support workers, it is important we are investing in solutions that foster a more inclusive and accessible experience for all. HOYTS Sensory Screenings provide us with an opportunity to reach our audience in a sensory-inclusive environment and we are delighted to be continuing our partnership by sponsoring sessions for all cinema-goers to enjoy.”

    Mable’s head of marketing and communication, Guillaume Papillon, added: “We’ve found HOYTS Sensory Screenings to be a strong media channel to talk to our audience in a very relevant environment. More importantly, renewing our sponsorship is a great opportunity for us to keep supporting more inclusive experiences for people with disability in Australia, so more people can live their kind of independence.”

    Stephanie Mills, director of sales, marketing and content at HOYTS, said: “Our Sensory Screenings have always been about offering a tailored and inclusive experience for those with sensory needs, and this partnership represents our shared dedication to fostering a more inclusive, understanding, and connected community.”

    The brands made the point that HOYTS Sensory Screenings deliver a unique advertising opportunity to connect with hard-to-reach audiences.

    “We are always working with our partners to innovate and expand our advertising solutions and HOYTS Sensory Screenings are a prime example of a hyper-targeted opportunity fit for brands like Mable,” Paul MacGregor, Val Morgan’s director of strategy and marketing, said.

    “A partnership like this has effectively zero wastage and maximum attention, which makes it such a valuable opportunity to be part of.”

    HOYTS Sensory Screenings run on the last Sunday of each month across all HOYTS locations.

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