Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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    What happened vs. what we do about it

    It’s possible to have a useful conversation about what to do about something that’s broken or needs improvement. But first, we must acknowledge that it happened.

    It’s not controversial to understand the facts, the data and the shifts that are happening in the world we live in. In fact, the only way to have a useful conversation about what to do about it is to understand and accept the reality of what’s here.

    Movements that deny reality choose to do this because they don’t have a better plan, and stalling is their best option. Which is no option at all.

    Today is Earth Day, which like Mother’s Day, shouldn’t be a day at all, more like an all-year-round celebration.

    Two years ago, hundreds of volunteers from 90 countries came together and produced an Almanac.

    Since then, the book has been translated into languages around the world (recently with a free edition in Spanish), been a bestseller from China to Italy to the Netherlands, and remained in the top 100 in its category in the US.

    And yet, it’s possible that you haven’t seen it yet, that your kids aren’t using it in school, that it’s not being handed out at community meetings or required reading at organizations large and small. Today would be a great day to share a copy.

    Here’s a talk from a year ago:

    Isn’t it better to know?

    Latest Posts

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