Monday, May 27, 2024
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    Nexxen partners with VIDAA to launch TV viewer ad targeting

    Nexxen has launched TV Viewership Audiences across Australia in partnership with VIDAA, building on the advertising technology platform’s broader TV Intelligence offering.

    The platform’s offering includes a suite of planning, targeting and measurement capabilities rooted in automatic content recognition (ACR) data from VIDAA, the operating system powering Hisense, Toshiba, and other original equipment manufacturer brands.

    TV Viewership Audiences leverages the ACR data to create custom segments based on viewership patterns, specifically brand ads’ exposure activities, using opted-in household viewership data. It is built to enable brands to reach TV audiences with precision and scale.

    Nexxen’s exclusive access to VIDAA ACR data will enable the provision of a full-fledged TV solution.

    Nexxen partners with VIDAA to launch TV viewer ad targeting

    Josif Zanich

    Nexxen’s approach is supported by shared infrastructure and technology between its demand-side platform and supply-side platform. 

    Josif Zanich, managing director JAPAC at Nexxen, called the launch a “huge milestone” for the platform in the JAPAC region.

    “Having exclusive access to VIDAA’s ACR data will not only enable us to push the boundaries of what’s possible, delivering advanced TV solutions to advertisers, but will also allow us to exponentially enhance the effectiveness of TV buys across all screens, unlike ever before.”

    Guy Edri, CEO at VIDAA, said: “With our shared goal of empowering advertisers with valuable insights derived from TV viewership behaviours, we aim to drive innovative advertising solutions tailored to the unique needs of this market, ultimately providing greater efficiency and success for advertisers.”

    This follows Nexxen’s USD$25 million investment in VIDAA in 2022.

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