Monday, May 27, 2024
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    Wavemaker welcomes US counterparts to Sydney for Provocative Pioneers program

    Wavemaker Australia has welcomed two Wavemaker US employees to the Sydney office as part of its global talent exchange program, Provocative Pioneers.

    The Provocative Pioneers cultural program aims to enhance collaboration, inspiration, and connection between the agency’s offices around the world to elevate global client knowledge.
    Provocative Pioneers is open to top-performing employees on global client teams for a two-week knowledge-sharing visit in another Wavemaker market, where they become immersed in the local team and culture.

    Over the next two weeks, Los Angeles-based Melissa Saroyan, programmatic media director, and New York-based Tatiana Patrón, client investment lead, will be embedded with the Wavemaker Sydney team for an insider’s perspective on the unique challenges of the local market.

    The experience will be reciprocated, with Wavemaker Sydney’s group director Peter Andrew heading to the Los Angeles office to meet the team later this month.

    The LA-Sydney talent exchange follows a successful pilot program between the New York and London offices in October 2023.

    Wavemaker welcomes US counterparts to Sydney for Provocative Pioneers program

    Tatiana Patrón, Peter Andrew and Melissa Saroyan

    Wavemaker ANZ CEO Peter Vogel called the Provocative Pioneers program an “amazing initiative that breaks down borders and allows our top talent to immerse themselves in the culture of our international offices.”

    “It’s an exceptional opportunity that Wavemaker can offer, and we’re thrilled to host Missie and Tatiana here in Sydney and excited for Peter Andrew to join our colleagues in LA later this month,” Vogel said.

    “What makes this program unique is the way we are bringing the client along for the journey, magnifying the lessons for all involved. It’s an exceptional opportunity that we can offer.

    “We should never underestimate the positive impact of knowledge sharing when it comes to building skills and unlocking connections for the benefit of our clients and our people.”

    Patrón and Saroyan called the program an “exciting and amazing experience”.

    “We take pride in working for a company that consistently fosters initiatives like this, which promotes knowledge sharing. The ability to share our ideas and best practices across the globe has been immensely beneficial and insightful for both the US and Australian teams.

    “Whether it’s sharing ideas or being inspired by fresh perspectives, the value of this cross-cultural exchange cannot be overstated. Through this program, we’ve not only gained invaluable insights but also forged meaningful connections.”

    Jessica Maley, chief people officer of Wavemaker North America, added that the program sparks “innovation and global collaboration” within the global agency.

    “It’s about empowering our teams, enriching client experiences, and driving growth worldwide. As we expand this program, we’re committed to pushing boundaries, fostering talent, and delivering exceptional results.”

    Paramount Pictures marketing director Erin O’Neill said Paramount was pleased to be part of the Pioneers Program and called it an “invaluable opportunity for Paramount Pictures Australia to connect with Wavemaker’s talented team from LA and New York.”

    “Through this partnership, we have gained fresh insights and perspectives and helped continue to strengthen our global projects. We are grateful for Wavemaker’s commitment to nurturing their talent and fostering global collaboration,” she added.

    Wavemaker is working with its client leaders to identify the most suitable clients and markets for its next Provocative Pioneers exchange.

    Top image: Tatiana Patrón and Melissa Saroyan

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