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    Media buyers react to ‘bumps and jumps’ of Radio Ratings Survey 2

    The second radio ratings survey of the year delivered an “enthralling storyline” featuring fierce rivalries, and more than a few “bumps and jumps”, according to Mediabrands’ media buyers Daniela Rocchi and Peter Stowe.

    “Radio continues to thrive, you can see by the recent bumps and jumps across many of the FM stations, within most metro markets, in Survey 2,” Stowe, UM‘s senior trading director, told Mediaweek.

    “It seems listeners are still switching the dial more than ever, especially in Brisbane, who appear to have a new number one station every survey.

    “The fact that radio networks such as SCA, Nine Radio, and ARN have all signed on some of their biggest talent to lucrative long-term contracts, clearly showcases they are in it for the long haul.”

    Those deals include KIIS FM’s infamous Kyle and Jackie O and recent Will and Woody contract extensions, plus Ray Hadley and Carrie and Tommy extending their relationships with Nine’s 2GB and SCA’s Hit, respectively, until 2026.

    Rocchi, Initiative‘s head of investment in Sydney, argued the second survey “unveils an enthralling storyline: KIIS and Smooth jointly establishing FM dominance in Sydney, a fresh Melbourne breakfast frontrunner emerging, and parallel rivalries igniting in Brisbane.”


    In the harbour city, Kyle and Jackie O took the breakfast crown from 2GB’s Ben Fordham, but 2GB remained on top overall.

    Stowe called the breakfast battle a “non-stop Sydney switcheroo … between 2GB and KIIS”.

    KIIS FM’s brand new North Sydney studios would have seen its first confetti and champagne clean-up,” Stowe quipped, “as Kyle and Jackie O beat Ben Fordham for the first time this year. The cleaners would have definitely been brought in to mop up the new carpet.”

    smoothfm tied with KIIS with an overall share of 11%, and WSFM lifted by 1.2 percentage points to 8.7% – the biggest jump of the survey.

    “The co-dominance of KIIS and Smooth FM has solidified, making a seismic shift in the FM market,” Rocchi added. “Their collective stronghold reflects evolving listeners preferences and the art of catering to diverse tastes.”

    Stowe slipped in a compliment for SEN too, which climbed by 0.5 points to a 1.6% share.

    “SEN owner Craig Hutchison would be happy to see SEN 1170 increasing its share to 1.6% from 0.5%, a new record for the station,” he said. “The kick off of the NRL season would have helped.”


    In Melbourne, we learned that Kyle and Jackie O will inherit a 6.4% share in the breakfast slot, when they begin broadcasting at the end of the month.

    “The rise of a new breakfast champion has ignited curiosity and speculation as the morning battles escalate,” Rocchi said. “Audiences eagerly anticipate the evolving narrative of this dynamic radio rivalry. The question remains: Will Melbourne embrace or reject Kyle and Jackie O? Only time will reveal the answer.”

    3AW’s Russel Howcroft and Ross Stevenson are the competition to chase, with a dominant 18.1% share. 

    “The three certainties in life – death, taxes and 3AW dominating the competition in Melbourne,” Stowe joked.

    “However 3AW Drive, hosted by Jacqui Felgate, lost another -0.6 points this survey.”

    On Nova, Jase and Lauren jumped 1.6 points for an 8.3% share in their first survey since taking the breakfast reins on the station, after being booted from KIIS to make way for Kyle and Jackie O. Stowe said it’s a “promising start,” but was “a little surprised that didn’t see a larger increase post their much-publicised station switch. I guess all eyes on survey three as they settle into their new home at Nova breakfast.”


    SCA took the #1 and #2 spots with B105 and Triple M, despite Stav, Abby, and Matt‘s slide. KIIS also experienced a spike.

    “The scene in Brisbane paints a picture of dual battles, where stations vie for supremacy in multiple time slots,” Rocchi explained.

    “With each contender bringing its unique flare to the airwaves, the competition is fierce, and stakes are high with B105 surging past both Triple M and Nova. This significant leap underscores the dynamic nature of Brisbane’s radio landscape and signals a compelling shift in listener preferences.”

    Stowe added: “The Brisbane ratings shakeup continues with both SCA stations pretty much neck and neck at the top (B105 11.9% and Triple M 11.8%). Good result for Triple M Brisbane breakfast, Marto, Margaux, and Dan are doing extremely well at number 1.”

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