Sunday, May 19, 2024
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    GrowthLoop and TransUnion partner to improve audience reach

    GrowthLoop and TransUnion partner to improve audience reach

    Composable CDP GrowthLoop and information company TransUnion have announced a new partnership to optimize audience reach and ad spend. The partnership will bring together GrowthLoop’s CDP capabilities and TransUnion’s TruAudience Marketing Solutions. TruAudience’s identity graph is based on data from more than 98% of U.S. consumers.

    The problem that is the focus of this partnership is the reported low match rate between a business’s first-party data and the third-party data from advertising platforms like Google and Facebook. This can lead to campaigns reaching non-optimal audiences. The claim is that GrowthLoop users, by having access to TransUnion’s data, will be able to achieve better identity resolution and enhanced audience reach.

    Dig deeper: TransUnion unveils enhanced identity graph for marketers

    Benefits of GrowthLoop’s Enhanced Match Rate. Enhanced Match Rate, as the new capability is called, is aimed at:

    • Engaging higher percentages of target audiences on paid channels.
    • Better suppressing current customers or recent purchasers.
    • Supporting more seamless cross-channel experiences.
    • Driving more meaningful data from campaigns.

    The solution will be available to GrowthLoop customers in the first half of 2024.

    Why we care. Marketers are not giving up on audience reach just because third-party cookies are set to be deprecated on Chrome. Among the many alternatives are identity graphs that can match data from different sources to a unified profile. TransUnion, with its background in credit reporting, is just one of the businesses out there sitting on a ton of audience data. Make that data accessible in a CDP and just maybe you’ll be reaching the right audience — and in a privacy-compliant way.


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