Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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    The Growth Distillery lifts lid on how Australians use food to ‘better’ their lives

    News Corp Australia’s The Growth Distillery has collaborated with The Research Agency to release the Reframe: Better For You Food report, diving into how Australians’ definition of ‘better for you’ has shifted and definitions of a ‘better life’ have broadened. 

    The research found 96% of Australians are looking to ‘better’ their lives with 90% believing food can play a role in helping achieve that. The research identified five roles food can play in enabling ‘better’:

    • Food to fuel – fuelling and energising people to achieve their goals
    • Food for happiness – boosting your mood and taking care of yourself emotionally through feel-good food
    • Food for connecting – reinforcing existing bonds and forming new ones
    • Food as a challenge – challenging yourself, building skills and expanding your horizons through new tastes and experiences
    • Food as expression – expressing yourself and your identity through the food you cook, eat and serve

    The findings present an opportunity for brands to step up to the plate and deliver to evolving consumer aspirations, News Corp said.

    The research dives into how food brands can elevate their role in consumers’ lives by tapping into the motivations, barriers, and aspirations driving ‘better’ food choices.

    The Growth Distillery research director Bethan Hockey said: “For brands, embracing these new meanings of ‘better’ can unlock new opportunities across more categories and ultimately strengthen people’s emotional connections. Understanding this new world of ‘better’ can provide the road map for brands to unlock better opportunities, deliver better products and build better engagement with their consumers.”

    Last week, British entrepreneur and podcaster Steven Bartlett captured the attention of the Australian media industry in a 60-minute interview hosted by The Growth Distillery.

    Bartlett is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, author, and the host of The Diary of a CEO podcast. The Diary of a CEO has over 40 million downloads a month and is now one of the leading podcasts in Europe and one of the top business podcasts in the world.

    The Growth Distillery‘s Dan Krigstein interviewed Bartlett on stage in front of a room packed with leaders including News Corp’s Lou Barrett and Mike Connaghan, Nova’s Adam Johnson, Seven West Media’s Lucio Ribeiro, AANA’s Josh Faulks, and Kaimera’s Trent McMillan.

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