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    Farmer Wants a Wife 2024: Meet the Farmers

    The new season of Seven’s Farmer Wants a Wife brings with it a brand new cast of five farmers looking for love. 

    Meet the Farmers:

    Farmer Bert

    Farmer Wants a Wife 2024: Meet the Farmers

    Fourth-generation pineapple, dragon fruit and pumpkin farmer, and a third-generation Bert, this farmer is impeccably mannered, selfless and honest, with a heart of gold. Bert has worked hard to take over the family farm and runs it on his own.

    He now wants someone with whom to share it. His ideal partner is funny, outgoing, adventurous, understands long hours of his work, can banter and gets along with everyone, especially his nanna, whose disapproval could be a dealbreaker.

    Bert – the first ever pineapple farmer on the show – acknowledges life on the land can be lonely, but he assures he has a wealth of love to share.

    “I think that I’m ready for something special. I’m ready to dive in and try again,” Bert says as he gears up to meet his favourites.

    Farmer Tom

    Tom is a third-generation cattle and crop farmer who has had his own contracting business working on other farms since he was a teenager. He also runs the family farm in partnership with his dad. Tom has a practical approach to life and a seriousness that’s tempered by a genuine ability to laugh at himself. He enjoys country music festivals and horse shows and loves to travel.

    For Tom, falling in love is one of the most important things in life. He is very serious about finding “the one” but approaches the situation with good humour.

    Farmer Joe

    Joe is a 33-year-old cattle and sheep farmer from the NSW Snowy Mountains.

    Joe believes he has ample love to offer but admits: “I’ve always struggled with meeting people who want to live the same way I want to.”

    Expressing he’s ready to fall in love, he reflects that love empowers you “to take on the world”.

    A passionate rugby player, Joe also loves horses, fishing and travel and after living and working around the world, his dream involves bringing his farm back to its full potential. 

    One of the qualities he’s looking for in his future wife is someone who values family above everything else. He is extremely close to his mother and cared for her during her battle against breast cancer. 

    Farmer Dean

    Farmer Wants a Wife

    Dean is a 25-year-old third-generation cattle and watermelon farmer.

    Hailing from Kandanga, QLD, Dean is inspired by the love of his parents’ 30-year marriage and his grandparents’ 67-year partnership. He is after someone willing to share in the joys of chasing cows with him.

    Dean is looking for someone who is outgoing and hardworking, who is driven by ambition and who possesses a want to take on new challenges.

    Having an optimistic outlook on life, Dean is eager to connect with someone who shares his passions and is ready to embark on a journey of love and partnership.

    Farmer Dustin

    Farmer Wants a Wife

    The 26-year-old is a third-generation farmer from Condobolin in New South Wales. Despite his warm personality and genuine intentions, the show’s most remote farmer reveals that the dating scene in his hometown of Condobolin is nothing short of “dismal.” 

    “It’s like trying to find a needle in the haystack,” he said. 

    Dustin shares his challenges in finding a lasting connection: “Everything’s going good until they say, ‘Oh, so where are you from?’”

    Will Dustin’s love be enough for someone to overcome the geographical barriers?

    Farmer Wants A Wife is produced by Eureka Productions for the Seven Network.

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