Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Why tell the others?

    Every internet success works because the network effect kicked in.

    There’s no other way for an idea to reliably and economically reach a big enough audience to be sustained. That’s why Super Bowl ads make so little sense in 2024.

    Ideas that spread win.

    I wrote a bestseller about this 20 years ago, and I still take the insight to heart. 

    One challenge with fundraising is that it’s awkward to share. Perhaps your friend isn’t ready to donate, or isn’t interested in the non profit… It simply doesn’t feel as easy or as fun as sharing a silly video or meme.

    Also, if you’re in an auction, you probably don’t want to share it with others, because they might outbid you.

    That’s where the second innovation of GOODBIDS comes in.

    Every registered user gets a unique referral link. If you share that link and someone bids, you get a free bid. In any auction you like.

    The free bid can be for any amount. And if you get the reward with that free bid, it costs you nothing (and it doesn’t cost the charity anything either).

    Here’s a simple example:

    Today, we’re launching three cool auctions:

    1-on-1 office or Zoom meeting with Nicole Walters (to benefit WalkGoodLA)

    Priceless guitar signed by Bob Weir (for the Grateful Guitars Foundation)

    Autographed jersey from Christian McCaffrey who played in this year’s Super Bowl (for the Million Meal Project)

    A deadhead cares a lot about this guitar. A business owner would walk across hot coals to spend time with bestselling author Nicole Walters. And unlike the commercials, jerseys are actually worth something to fans.

    These are worth sharing.

    If you tell your friends about one of these auctions, post on Reddit or share on social media, and someone bids any amount, even $10, your special link will get a free bid added to your account.

    You can use that free bid to participate in the Apple Watch auction at $350 or $550.

    It works because the free bids simply ratchet the auction forward. If you get outbid, the new donor just put in $360. If you don’t, it’s still raising as much as it would have if you hadn’t used your free bid.

    I’m imagining that some folks will bid early in auctions because they want to support the charity and the work they’re doing, or because they’d like to be part of something. And it’s likely that many people will eagerly spread the idea of GOODBIDS to support a charity they care about. Or because the reward is really cool and worth talking about. Or because they’d like to earn an account filled with free bids.

    Now it gets fascinating. And fun.

    Latest Posts

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