Sunday, May 19, 2024
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    SAP Emarsys launches AI Product Finder

    Omnichannel customer engagement company Emarsys, which has been part of SAP since 2020, announced the launch of AI Product Finder, a new solution for product recommendations and personalized customer experiences. The move responds to consumer interest in AI for commerce, with Emarsys’ own data showing 64% of consumers believe AI has improved their commerce experiences.

    AI Product Finder and Subject Line Generator. As an out-of-the-box solution for email marketing campaigns, Product Finder will use genAI to help marketers run searches of often extensive product catalogues to find relevant content for emails.

    Alongside Product Finder, Emarsys will launch AI Subject Line Generator using genAI to recommend relevant email subject lines. These two tools have been announced as the first in a series of updates to the platform.

    All-in on AI. Emarsys justifiably claims that it has had a long-standing interest in AI, predating the ChatGPT buzz. It published an article on AI and retail over four years ago. In a release, it says it is now a fully AI-first business.

    “We are committed to a relevant, reliable, and responsible approach to AI, which is giving marketers the freedom to innovate and re-imagine what is possible in this new era of marketing. By infusing AI into everything we do, SAP Emarsys will help our customers save time and effort on complex tasks, so they can focus on ROI and delighting their customers.”

    CEO Joanna Milliken

    Fuel for your marketing strategy.

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    Latest Posts

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