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    Foundation launches Renewables Ad Engine with Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

    Foundation Australia has launched its Renewables Ad Engine to help minimise carbon emissions from streaming ads, with Sanofi Consumer Healthcare’s Ostelin as the pilot client.

    This initiative reflects the Omnicom Media Group agency’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, and addresses the environmental impact of advertising by prioritising the reduction of carbon emissions associated with streaming campaigns.

    It comes after recent findings from the Scope3 Q2 2023 Sustainability Report reveal a contrast in carbon emissions between streaming (706.5 gCO2PM) and display advertising (333 gCO2PM).

    The key reasons for the high level of streaming carbon emissions are the larger size of the consumer device (high proportion of large CTVs) being used to consume the media and the intensity of energy required for the data transmission of streaming content.

    The Renewables Ad Engine leverages real-time data on renewable energy availability in the grid for key Eastern Seaboard States, the engine activates ads during periods of high renewable electricity generation and deactivates them during periods of lower renewable energy availability.

    This approach ensures advertising campaigns align with fluctuations in renewable energy supply, minimising carbon emissions and maximising the use of clean energy sources.

    Ashley Wong, head of digital, data and innovation at Foundation Australia, said the collaboration with Sanofi Consumer Healthcare to pilot the Renewables Ad Engine is a significant milestone in the agency’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of advertising campaigns while delivering results for our clients.

    Jono Carroll-Goldin, head of brand and innovation at Sanofi, said the company is proud to be part of the pilot project that “demonstrates commitment to modern sustainable practices and environmental stewardship in the consumer healthcare industry.”

    “We bear great responsibility to take actions that mitigate the consequences of climate change on human health, including carbon emissions, reduced air quality, food and water shortages, and conditions that cause the spread of allergies and disease.”

    Key features of the Renewables Ad Engine pilot program include:

    1. Real-time Renewable Energy Activation: Ads are activated based on real-time data on renewable energy availability in the electricity grid, ensuring maximum use of clean energy sources.
    2. Dynamic Ad Campaign Management: The engine dynamically manages the activation thresholds to align with fluctuations in renewable energy supply, to beat grid daypart averages.
    3. Renewables Impact Monitoring: Sanofi Consumer Healthcare will have access to comprehensive monitoring of renewables usage associated with the pilot campaign, enabling them to understand how the ad engine has helped them increase the renewable energy that is used to deliver their campaign vs the grid average.
    4. Win/Win Approach to positive impact: While striving for increased renewables usage, the engine is designed not to sacrifice overall campaign delivery or results.

    As the pilot client for the Renewables Ad Engine, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare is reaffirming its dedication to driving positive environmental change within the Consumer Healthcare industry.

    The healthcare brand says it has seen a 79% increase in renewable electricity use, with no negative effect on media pricing or campaign reach and frequency.

    At the conclusion of a successful pilot, Foundation will be looking to beta this opportunity across a broader range of client partners.

    See Also: Scope3 report reveals 36% overlap between green advertising and performant ads

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