Sunday, May 19, 2024
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    Google makes creator play for Gen Z TikTok lovers via Emotive

    Google has launched its first native TikTok campaign in Australia, aiming to engage TikTok’s Gen Z users with its search app. Produced by the Sydney independent Emotive, the campaign theme centres on independence, portraying the Google app as a tool to unlock new experiences for Gen Z.

    The work follows recent research by Adobe Express, indicating that 10% of Gen Z individuals in the US are inclined to use TikTok over Google for their search needs.

    Similarly, in Australia, TikTok is gaining traction as the preferred search platform for Gen Z, attracting approximately 4.6 million users seeking educational, entertaining, and concise content.

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    Google and Emotive brought in 10 popular Australian Gen Z content creators for the native TikTok campaign, who used the Google search app to conquer a first-time task: musician Avneesha Delulu composed a song in Hindi (a language she doesn’t speak), conservationist Robert Irwin made a mocktail (when he’s never made one), Bridey Drake navigated a day in Japan (a place she’d never been to), and comedian Luke Donkin learned how to use gym equipment.

    Other participating creators in the campaign include magician Ash Magic, food enthusiast Michael Finch, and comedian Mille Ford.

    The campaign is intended to showcase the Google search app’s versatility beyond conventional text-based searches. Users can use their phone’s camera and microphone for tasks such as visual searches with Google Lens, instant text translation, or using ‘Hum to Search’ to identify songs.

    However, Laura Pope, head of consumer marketing for apps and platforms at Google ANZ, stated the company wanted to immerse Gen Z in the app’s experience rather than just inform them about its features and capabilities.

    “We wanted them to see it and feel it, through authentic stories from people they trust,” said Pope.

    Emotive’s head of social, talent, and partnerships, Rhian Mason, described how the campaign benefited from a cumulative effect, stemming from a singular idea that could be applied authentically across a diverse array of creators.

    “We have found that generating and amplifying real-world value can be far more effective than traditional advertising when it comes to reaching Gen Z audiences,” said Mason.

    “Furthermore, by working closely with creators during the briefing and production process we ensured that the value and usefulness of the Google app was quite literally integrated into the entertainment in a relatable way.”

    This approach led to numerous shares, saves, and rewatches on TikTok, that Mason believes illustrates the campaign’s success. To date, Emotive said the campaign has reached 13.3 million users on TikTok and generated $1.5 million in earned media value.

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