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    UK fashion influencers redefining style

    Whether it’s a try-on haul on YouTube, a styling video on TikTok or a #HighStreet fit check on Instagram, fashion influencers have an impact on how the world showcases their self-expression through clothing. Fashion influencers are indispensable partners for businesses because they influence purchase decisions, extend brand reach and connect with niche communities. Through influencer marketing, these digital trendsetters captivate the target audiences brands look to connect with.

    They also embody what consumers seek most from brands on social media: authenticity, which is ranked as the number one thing consumers want to see from brands in The Sprout Social Index™.

    In our Q1 2024 Pulse Survey, Sprout reached out to over 2,000 consumers and 300 influencers to get their take on what makes influencer marketing successful, and predict how the landscape will evolve in the future. Participants in the United Kingdom report following brands at a higher rate (51%) than in the United States (42%).

    With that said, let’s walk through the current influencer landscape in the UK and what to consider when looking for the best partnerships. And to get you inspired for your next social media marketing campaign, we’ll share our list of some of the top UK influencers.

    Understanding the influencer landscape in the UK

    The power of influencer marketing extends into fashion and other global industries. For example, the 2023 Global Industry Report: QSR Index shows the UK is a global leader in influencing marketing for quick service restaurant brands.

    Sprout’s data aligns with Instagram influencer marketing being one of the most popular avenues globally, especially on Instagram. Our Q1 Pulse Survey 2024 shows participants say they are most likely to engage on Instagram at a higher rate than participants in the US (38% UK vs. 27% US).

    There’s no doubt that influencer marketing in the UK is ripe with opportunity, but social practitioners, marketers and influencers must comply with regulatory obligations. Brands working with UK influencers are required to follow Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Guidelines. The Advertising Standards Authority is the UK’s media advertising regulator. The regulatory body offers a variety of resources including a 20-page guide.

    The TLDR version? Influencers, brands and agencies must disclose when social media content is used as advertising through explicit labels such as #Ad. This includes any agreements that include payment or other incentives from a brand.

    What to consider when choosing UK fashion influencers

    Although we admire the massive awareness of the Rihanna’s and Kim K’s of the fashion space, brands shouldn’t limit themselves to only working with mega influencers. Nano and micro fashion influencer campaigns are just as impactful, especially for targeted campaigns trying to reach a niche audience. Sprout’s survey also confirms this trend as 40% of participants said they prefer to work with nano and micro influencers.

    These subcategories of influencers tend to target niche audiences and have a more intimate relationship with their followers, leading to a higher engagement rate. A mega influencer may have millions of followers, but that doesn’t always translate to record sales or success.

    That’s why it’s important to keep in mind three factors when choosing UK fashion influencers:

    • Audience demographics and relevance to your brand
    • Engagement metrics
    • Authenticity and alignment with brand values

    Let’s briefly review why these considerations matter if you’re looking to maximize your marketing efforts.

    Audience demographics and brand relevance

    Your target audience is your north star. The fashion influencer you collaborate with should have a connection with your target audience demographic to maximize brand relevance and resonance. The influencers you consider partnering with should also be active on the same channels as your audience.

    Strong engagement metrics

    High, consistent engagement metrics such as comments, shares and likes indicate a dedicated, active following. Influencers with strong engagement metrics are more likely to have a genuine relationship with their followers.

    Authentic brand alignment

    Genuine alignment between influencers and brands is especially important in the fashion world. Choosing influencers who’s personal style and values align with your brand values, image and ethos in an authentic way supports credibility and trust with your target audience.

    Leading fashion influencers in the UK

    Let’s explore 10 of the leading UK fashion influencers:

    1. Nyane Lebajoa – @nyane

    Instagram: 2.5 million

    TikTok: 2 million

    YouTube: 427K

    Nyane Lebajoa is a beauty and fashion influencer known for her doll-like makeup and #LetsDressMeUp video series. #GetReadyWithMe videos are a staple content type for fashion influencers, but Lebajoa adds a unique twist. In these videos, she tries on different makeup looks and outfits, non-playable character (NPC) style. With mouse clicks, animated expressions and NPC-like talk tracks, she feels like she’s a video game character. Lebajoa is the founder of TEMPER ®, a human hair wig collection, and often models the wigs in her content.

    UK fashion influencers redefining style

    2. Koleen Diaz – @koleendz

    Instagram: 721K

    TikTok: 691K

    YouTube: 1.58 million

    Koleen Diaz merges masculine street-style attire with feminine aesthetics. She’s an avid traveler known for her #GRWM videos and vlogs where she documents her looks and stories. On her YouTube, she documents her life living alone in London, along with her journeys across the world.

    An Instagram post of Koleen Diaz wearing an oversize green top, feminine accessories and track pants.

    3. Chioma Nnadi – @chiomannadi

    Instagram: 100K

    Chioma Nnadi is an established journalist and the future of fashion in the UK. She was appointed as Head of Editorial Content of British Vogue in October 2023. She has worked with British Vogue over the past 14 years and interviewed some of the most influential people in fashion including FKA Twigs, Rihanna and Cara Delevigne.

    A sponsored Instagram post from Chioma Nnadi in collaboration with Vogue and Giorgio Armani.

    4.  Agnes Pusztai – @whatgigiwears

    Instagram: 395K

    TikTok: 36.6K

    Agnes Pusztai is known for her high street flair, which incorporates oversize attire, menswear, statement outerwear and 70-inspired pieces. Pusztai inspires the women on the go who don’t want to sacrifice looking stylish for comfort.

    A sponsored Instagram post from Agnes Pusztai. She's wearing an oversize suit with loafers from H&M.

    5. Madame Joyce – @madamejoyce1

    Instagram: 113K

    TikTok: 868.5K

    YouTube: 161K

    Madame Joyce is best known for her podcast, Cocktails and Takeaways, but she’s also a fashion girlie. She has worked with a variety of brands including Spotify, Sony Music, Gymshark, Adidas and Gucci. Joyce’s style is just as vibrant and signature as her voice. You’ll find her rocking furs, custom gowns, opulent fabrics and textile designs.

    An Instagram post from Madame Joyce wearing an Adidas x Gucci ensemble.

    6. Stephen Omotayo – @somotayo10

    Instagram: 153K

    TikTok: 1.3 million

    YouTube: 223

    Stephen Omotayo #OOTD and #aesthetic videos showcase his diverse sense of style. He shows menswear fans how to style everything from business attire to #blockcore basics to Y2K inspired looks. He’s also known for his strategic color placements and unique styling.

    A styling video from Stephen Omotayo on TikTok.

    7. Izzy Manuel – @izzy_manuel

    Instagram: 17.1 K

    TikTok: 1.5 K

    Izzy Manuel is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle influencer. How does she describe her style? Ethical dopamine dressing, of course. Her distinctive style is funky, textural and drenched in color. Think: pattern mixing, vibrant stockings with chunky heels, and editorial posing. Essentially, Manuel makes sustainability fun and exciting.

    Izzy Manuel posing in an Instagram post. Her caption talks about her sustainable shopping journey.

    8. Lydia Rose – @fashioninflux

    Instagram: 2.6 M

    TikTok: 470.4K

    YouTube: 154K

    Fashionista Lydia Rose is one of the UK’s most popular fashion influencers. She’s known for her smart casual sense of style, along with her lookbooks, shopping hauls and beauty tips. Recently, she’s stepped in the momfluencing space, sharing cozy outfits for pregnancy and postpartum.

    An outfit of the day video from Lydia Rose on Instagram.

    9. Lydia Tomlinson – @lydiajanetomlinson

    Instagram: 1.6 M

    TikTok: 210.8K

    YouTube: 856K

    Lydia Tomlinson is an advocate for choosing style over fashion. She creates educational style content that teaches people how to maximize their wardrobe. She shares tips for making informed purchases based on comfort and longevity. She’s a modern classic aficionado that will show you how to style a trench coat and how to wear a top several ways.

    A sponsored post from Lydia Tomlinson showing how to style a trench coat.

    10. Efe Efeturi – @efe.efeturi

    Instagram: 388K

    TikTok: 131.6K

    YouTube: 1.28K

    Efe Efeturi proves curating your sense of style is like fine wine–it simply gets better with time. Efeturi is an award-winning fashion influencer and model specializing in style for senior men. Along with his signature sense of style, he is known for his skincare and cologne recommendations.

    A Reel from Efe Efeturi vlogging his experience at a fashion event.

    UK micro-influencers: the hidden gems for targeted campaigns

    Our favorite UK micro-influencers have a major impact. Let’s dive in:

    1. Nicole Careri – @nicole_careri

    Instagram: 39.5K

    TikTok: 7,180

    YouTube: 2.08K

    Nicole Careri is a stylist and founder of DreamofJophiel, a jewelry brand. Her Instagram features sultry, flirty ensembles with edgy silhouettes and dramatic layering. Through editorial photography, she crafts stunning images that play around with architecture, scenery and posing. Her photos strike an impressive balance of feeling both effortless and intentional. Along with promoting her jewelry brand, Careri is a Savage x Fenty ambassador and has worked with several celebrities including rapper Gunna.

    An Instagram post from Nicole Careri wearing a green fur coat and tights.

    2. Zoe Llana Hill – @zoeilanahill

    Instagram: 61.2K

    TikTok: 64.7K

    YouTube: 3.51 K

    Zoe Lllana Hill is a self-proclaimed shopaholic. Like many fashion aficionados, she blends affordable to mid-range clothing with luxury accessories such as Prada sunglasses. Anyone can be inspired by her stylish panache, but Hill considers herself a petite fashion influencer since she’s 5’1. She works with a variety of high street brands including White Fox Boutique, Miss Lola, Micas and Zara. Plus she’s an avid traveler so of course she documents her outfits from her trips abroad.

    A sponsored post from Zoe Lllana Hill wearing an outfit from Miss Lola.

    3. Jordan Grant – @jo.rdan

    Instagram: 108k

    Jordan Grant is one of London’s rising it girls. She’s currently content director of Heat, a luxury mystery box brand. Grant is a regular at fashion shows and events for high end brands like Miu Miu,  Jacquemus and Loewe. She also sports mid-tier brands like Aritzia (she is currently a partner with the brand). Grant’s style is eclectic yet chic as her wardrobe features striking silhouettes, rich textures and intricate patterns.

    A sponsored Instagram post from Jordan Grant posing in clothing from Aritzia.

    4. Olivia – @oliviasshoppingdiary

    Instagram: 11.9 K

    TikTok: 43.8 K

    Olivia is known for her detailed moodboards and minimalist, yet posh style. As her @-name suggests, she uses social media to document her fashion adventures. If you want to pursue her “inner fashion monologue,” check out her Substack. She’s an advocate for purchasing pieces designed to last. Her followers look to her before splurging on a designer purchase or simply elevate their wardrobe with quality finds.

    A moodboard from @oliviasshoppingdiary showing black and brown accessories and a navy Chanel clutch.

    5. Liv Blankson – @livblankson

    Instagram: 31.2K

    TikTok: 590

    If you’re ever looking for charming accessories, the perfect swimsuit for vacation or just styling tips for casual everyday looks, Liv Blankson is your girl. She’s great for brands looking to reach very niche audiences since her content often features various interests: cats, natural hair care and F1 racing. In the video below, she styles an outfit inspired by Scuderia Ferrari:

    A Reel from Liv Blankson. In the video she styles an outfit inspired by Scuderia Ferrari.

    Best of the high-street fashion influencers in the UK

    We’ve talked about several influencers who are known for their impact on luxury fashion, but let’s dive into some of the best high street fashion influencers.

    1. Eleftherios Vogiatzis – elefv

    Instagram: 145K

    TikTok: 98.1K

    Eleftherios Vogiatzis is the epitome of someone who has impeccable everyday style. His Instagram features casual, yet sophisticated outfits complemented by eye-catching scenery. Head to his TikTok page for vlogs where he shows his shopping runs or showroom visits. He has worked with a variety of high street brands including H&M, Cos and Zara.

    A vlog from Eleftherios Vogiatzis on TikTok. He shows his day visiting the H&M showroom.

    2. Joel Mcloughlin – @gallucks

    Instagram: 330K

    YouTube: 159K

    Joel Mcloughlin is a fashion blogger and stylist known for his edgy, vintage wardrobe. Almost all of his looks are all black, but you’ll find him stepping outside of his signature color, too. He’s best known for his vlogs where you’ll find him sharing about his hair transplant journey or fashion weeks.

    An Instagram post from Joel Mcloughlin and friends posing under the Eiffel Tower during Paris Fashion Week.

    3. Patricia Niamh O’Dwyer – @patriciaodwyer

    Instagram: 15.2K

    Three words to describe Patricia Niamh O’Dwyer’s style? Colorful, fun and classic. She showcases her authentic daily style through her #WaysToWear videos where she styles her favorite staple statement pieces. Along with being a fashion influencer, she’s a contributor to Sheer Luxe and the Wedding Edition, two of the UK’s leading digital publications.

    A sponsored post from Patricia Niamh O’Dwyer in collaboration with Free People.

    4.  Claudia Berresford – @claudia_berresford

    Instagram: 29.9K

    TikTok: 1.7K

    Claudia Berresford is a content creator and fashion blogger that has worked with a variety of high street brands including & Other Stories and Free People. Along with talking about the landscape of fashion on her Substack, she flocks to social media where she takes styling advice to the next level with her seasonal mood board, outfit formulas and layer tutorials.

    A sponsored post from Claudia Berresford wearing Really Wild Clothing.

    5. Omer Elsarrag – @omerelsarrag

    TikTok: 76.3K

    Omer Elsarrag is a men’s fashion influencer known for his styling videos that feature tips for elevating high street attire. His style is clean and classy, incorporating essential basics, premium pieces and affordable accessories. He creates style guides for essential basics like corduroy shirts, polos and Chelsea boots. If you’re looking for ways to style trousers or properly tuck a polo, Elsarrag has you covered.

    A TikTok video from Omer Elsarrag showing how to properly tuck a polo.

    Top plus size fashion influencers in the UK redefining standard

    If you’re a brand that focuses on inclusivity, body positivity or fitness while refining beauty standards, consider these five plus size fashion influencers:

    1. Alexia – @curvylexie28

    Instagram: 39.5K

    TikTok: 7,180

    YouTube: 2.08K

    As she mentions in her bio, Alexia is a “body confident plus size blogger breaking stereotypes and redefining beauty.” She is currently a Fabletics ambassador and has worked for a variety of high street brands including Boohoo, Savage x Fenty and Shein. Although a lot of her content features her outfits, she also works with her husband, @nubianprincefashionstyle, who is also an influencer.

    As a growing micro-influencer, you’ll find her social media filled with outfit inspiration, try-on hauls and fitness journey content. For example, in the Reel below, she shares stretches for people who work from home or want to improve their mobility and posture while wearing several Fabletics sets:

    A sponsored post from @curvylexie28 wearing Fabletics sets. In the caption, she talks about the importance of exercising for better mobility and posture.

    2. Talisha Jade – @talishajade

    Instagram: 1,239

    TikTok: 51.6K

    Talisha Jade is a model and rising micro-influencer with an ensemble for any occasion. Her TikTok page is filled with outfit ideas and lifestyle vlogs featuring brands like She Oath and Bravissimo. Whether it’s for a wedding, a day-to-night look or date night, Talisha has an outfit for it. In the TikTok video below, she shows off a night look for people in their “comfy girl era”:

    An outfit inspiration video from Talisha Jade on TikTok.

    3. Laura Ferry – @whatlauraloves

    Instagram: 255K

    TikTok: 13.9K

    Laura Ferry is a former contestant on BBC’s I Can See Your Voice and travel blogger, but her content isn’t just about glitz and glam. She uses her social platforms to talk about issues like confidence and mental health. She shares her experience navigating ADHD after being diagnosed at 34.

    A Reel from Laura Ferry. In the caption, she talks about confidence, anti-bullying and her sponsorship with Moet Chandon and Virgin Voyages.

    4. Natasha Lee – @ceoofbbw

    Instagram: 41.2K

    TikTok: 4,292

    YouTube: 29.3K

    Natasha Lee is a stylist and confidence coach. Through her vlogs, fashion content and private consultations, she helps her “big baddies” look and feel fabulous. She’s a Fashion Nova Curve ambassador and provides styling tips curated for plus size women. In the Reel below, she shares a trick for adjusting swimsuits she uses while on holiday:

    A Reel from Natasha Lee. She shares a trick for adjusting swimsuits she uses while on vacation.

    5. Diana Sirokai – @dianasirokai

    Instagram: 1.3 million

    TikTok: 341.7K

    YouTube: 12.5K

    Diana Sirokai is a plus size model and Fashion Nova Curve ambassador. Along with her confidence chats on TikTok and YouTube, you’ll find her encouraging others to embrace their beauty through bold, eye-catching ensembles from bright bikinis and body con jumpsuits to chic two-piece sets and flirty miniskirts.

    Diana Sirokai wearing a jumpsuit from Fashion Nova Curve.

    Male fashion influencers in the UK

    Let’s cover five of our favorite male fashion influencers in the UK:

    1. D’nieccio Mitchell – @dnieccio

    Instagram: 201k

    TikTok: 280k

    D’nieccio Mitchell is known for his nostalgic sense of style. He blends modern style with staples of the 90s and early 2000s streetwear staples. Think American sports jerseys oversized jeans, varsity jackets and a nice pair of sneakers to finish the look. He’s known for his outfit of the day series, “Documenting My Fits.”

    A sponsored Instagram post from D’nieccio Mitchell in collaboration with Vinted.

    2. Artur Kramer – @arturkramer

    Instagram: 1.8 million

    TikTok: 3.1 million

    Arthur Kramer is a high street influencer known for his bold editing and swift transitions. He is a NovaMen and Boohoo ambassador. He also has fun creating looks based on themes and requests from the comment section.

    An Instagram post from Arthur Kramer wearing a pink and white outfit for his Boohoo Man sponsorship.

    3. Sam Gray – @samgraystyle

     Instagram: 19.4k

    TikTok: 268

    Sam Gray has a timeless style. He’s known for showing off classic ensembles such as a white t-shirt and Wrangler jean jacket ensemble or a custom tailored suit with cufflinks. He partakes in luxury indulges like hand-crafted loafers, cashmere sweaters and watches.

    A sponsored Instagram post from Sam Gray wearing a Wrangler outfit. 4.   Gurj Sohanpal – @gurjsohanpal

    Instagram: 23.7K

    Gurj Sohanpal is a London based blogger and photographer focused on menswear and travel. His suave attire is complemented by stunning, picturesque landscapes. Along with clothing lines, he collaborates with niche fragrances like Penhaligon and luxury watch brands such as Tag Heuer.

    An Instagram post from Gurj Sohanpal in Bolivia.

    5. SM – @dapperclassic

    Instagram: 120K

    SM is known for his sophisticated, timeless menswear style. He refers to his Instagram as his “daily style diary.” He loves all of the staples of classic menswear attire: tailored suits, structured jeans, knitwear and penny loafers. He’s a Proper Cloth partner and has a collection on their website where customers can view his custom clothing guide.

    An Instagram post from @dapperclassic. He shows every outfit he wore in February.

    Make a lasting impression with UK fashion influencers

    Our list of UK fashion influencers can inspire your next collaborations and activations, but this is just the beginning. The beauty of fashion influencer marketing is that there are so many partnerships waiting to be created. Remember to focus on finding influencers who align with your brand, embody authenticity and maintain high engagement.

    There are so many influencers to choose from, so we recommend using influencer marketing tools to narrow down your search. These tools can help you find the right partnerships, track progress of your influencer campaigns and more.

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