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    TV Report February 7, 2024: The Top 30 have been chosen! Australian Idol judges hand out final Golden Tickets of the season

    • TJ Zimba stuns the Australian Idol judges


    Nine’s A Current Affair reported once again on mum-of-three Samantha Murphy. Now, Police have released fresh CCTV footage of her last public sighting as the search reaches the four-day mark.

    Then on Married at First Sight, Confessions Week continued. While the fallout of Jayden’s confession continued with wife Eden,  Natalie and her husband Collins come together to complete the Photo Ranking Task. Collins places his wife at the top of the list; however, Natalie believes Collins isn’t being honest with her and questions his intentions. 

    Meanwhile, Ellie and Ben, who have gone from strength to strength, hit a roadblock with the introduction of the Values Task. Ellie, who has always wanted to be a Mum, places family-orientated at the top of her list, while husband Ben places family much lower.

    Then, the final Confession Letter Task is given to Sara and Tim. Tim reminds Sara how he had been cheated on which has resulted in him developing trust issues and Sara can sympathise. However, even though Tim is glad his wife understands the significance of this, when the Phone Swap Task arrives Sara refuses to do it leaving Tim to suspect that Sara is hiding something.


    Over on Seven, Mackenzie and Levi were drawn together on Home and Away and Harper felt alone while Remi and Eden got shock news.

    Then on Australian Idol, the final night of auditions cemented the Top 30, with 24-year-old TJ Zimba’s performance leaving judges Marcia Hines, Kyle Sandilands and Amy Shark ready to throw out the rule book.

    The unique hip-hop artist from Karratha, WA – who writes, produces, and records his own songs – was handed a Golden Ticket immediately after his performance of Khalid’s Location, skipping the final deliberation round.  

    “We’re going to get in big trouble, but I don’t care. You’re too good,” Amy said. 

    Imogen Spendlove, 23, stunned with her performance of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing. The factory worker from Melbourne gave Kyle goosebumps with her “absolutely beautiful” voice, while Marcia told her: “I think we’re looking at the next Australian Idol.”  


    On 10The Project welcomed via satellite Steve Clemons, SEMAFOR Editor-at-large, who revealed how much closer Donald Trump is to facing prosecution concerning allegations he plotted to overturn his 2020 election defeat and whether this could be the thing that sticks.

    Then, it was time for Ambulance Australia. During the episode, paramedics were called to a 7-year-old boy gasping for air, and a serious multi-motor vehicle accident where a rescue was hampered by downed power lines and a childbirth emergency.

    FBI: International followed as the Fly Team searched Bucharest for a Romanian surrogate who went missing shortly before carrying the biological child of an American couple to term. Plus, Scott fears for his neighbour’s safety.


    On ABC’s 7.30, Sarah Ferguson interviewed Opposition Leader Peter Dutton and the program looked at how culture wars continue in Canberra as Parliament returns.

    Then, Tom Gleeson put superfans to the test on Hard Quiz. This week they went head-to-head with Godzilla, Marilyn Monroe, Swan Lake, and the whale shark. 

    The Weekly with Charlie Pickering was up next, back for its 10th Season.

    UK drama This Is Going to Hurt followed as Adam was juggling his personal life with his hectic job on the labour ward. He meets new recruit Shruti; however, he is not the mentor she might have been hoping for.


    Over on SBS, Scottish Islands with Ben Fogle saw the host travel to Arran and Holy Isle, learning how they’re a haven for diverse faiths and beliefs, making Jewish Challah bread and visiting a Buddhist Peace Centre.

    Then in the documentary Shackleton’s Endurance: Lost Ship Found, we took an in-depth look at a thrilling recent discovery as Sir Ernest Shackleton’s long-lost ship Endurance was finally found more than a century after it was trapped in polar ice and sank into the frigid waters of the Antarctic. 

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