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    TV Report February 6, 2024: Jayden’s “gross” confession on Married at First Sight stuns his new bride

    • Jayden goes all in during the Letter Writing task on MAFS 
    • Two Immunity Idols found on Australian Survivor


    Nine’s A Current Affair put the spotlight on the search for the missing mum of three, Samantha Murphy, who left for a morning jog in Victoria’s west and vanished. Authorities are now searching dense bushland in the Canadian State Forest.

    Then, it was the start of Confessions Week on Married at First Sight as the couples took a big step in their relationship by moving in together. The Experts then gave them the Letter Writing task, where they were asked to open up to their partner and reveal something personal.

    Eden and Jayden were the first to take on the task, with Jayden confessing that after his ex-girlfriend cheated on him, he was “willing to give her another chance” only if he could sleep with one of her best friends while she watched and one of her friends agreed to do it. Naturally, Eden was disgusted, calling the act “gross” but when she asked him if he “regretted it”, Jayden said he didn’t.

    Meanwhile, Natalie returned to the experiment after leaving the MAFS Dinner Party the night before — much to her husband Collins‘ surprise.


    Over on Seven’s Home and Away, Mackenzie and Levi were drawn together while Harper felt alone and Remi and Eden got shocking news.

    Then, it was the second last day of auditions on Australian Idol and the judges saw the most outstanding crop of singers yet. Nerves almost sabotaged the chance of a lifetime while a teen showed talent way beyond her years and a family band broke rank.

    23-year-old Prayer Corby from Humpty Doo, NT, finished her audition of Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone, admitting she wasn’t happy with her performance; however, judges Marcia Hines, Kyle Sandilands and Amy Shark loved it.

    Kiani Smith, 17 from Bribie Island, Queensland, earned a Golden Ticket after her unique performance of 2002 by Anne-Marie and 20-year-old singer Eli Parr, from Brisbane —who was the sole family member to go through after auditioning alongside his two brothers and cousin singing Story Of My Life by One Direction.  


    On 10The Project welcomed Melanie Bracewell to the desk who has been home in New Zealand for the Summer and the panel looked at the inspiring story of Cat Janice, who when she found out the sarcoma she had been battling was terminal, wrote Dance You Outta My Head so that the royalties could be paid to her son and thanks to the internet, her dream became a reality.

    Then, it was time for Australian Survivor where Hurricane Kelli’s arrival confused the Titan’s tribe, and though she believed she was playing her saboteur role well, everyone was suspicious.

    Meanwhile, the silence her departure created on the Rebels side meant her old teammates finally could get a good night’s sleep, it also affords Feras the clarity to find a hidden Immunity Idol. Mark too finds an Idol – after hurriedly breaking open the hidden treasure box before Kelli’s ramblings can reveal the box is real.

    Despite Kelli’s mission to throw the Immunity Challenge for the Titans, she elects to sit out – but the Rebels win without her assistance anyway. Nathan is the obvious target to all for elimination, but a surprise attempt at a blindside on a key player has a lot of them rethinking their strategy.


    ABC’s 7.30 looked at the Reserve Bank which has kept interest rates on hold and Sarah Ferguson interviewed Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

    Then, Tom Gleeson put superfans to the test on Hard Quiz. This week they went head-to-head with Godzilla, Marilyn Monroe, Swan Lake, and the whale shark. 

    The Weekly with Charlie Pickering was up next, back for its 10th Season, followed by UK drama This Is Going to Hurt where Adam was juggling his personal life with his hectic job on the labour ward. He meets new recruit Shruti; however, he is not the mentor she might have been hoping for.


    Over on SBS, Scottish Islands with Ben Fogle saw the host travel to Arran and Holy Isle, learning how they’re a haven for diverse faiths and beliefs, making Jewish Challah bread and visiting a Buddhist Peace Centre.

    Then in the documentary Shackleton’s Endurance: Lost Ship Found, we took an in-depth look at a thrilling recent discovery as Sir Ernest Shackleton’s long-lost ship Endurance was finally found more than a century after it was trapped in polar ice and sank into the frigid waters of the Antarctic. 

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