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    TV Report February 4, 2024: Australian Idol unveils unexpected “rough diamond”

    • Tobias eliminated during Australian Survivor
    • Isaac McCallum earns Golden Ticket on Australian Idol


    Nine’s Married at First Sight saw the final two weddings of the 2024 experiment kick off with “hot mess” bride-to-be Lauren who was matched with the disciplined and health-focused groom, Jonathan

    After they exchanged their vows, Jonathan’s stepsister, Steph, held some reservations and after chatting with his new bride, felt like she was not the right fit for her brother — and she was right. The morning after their nuptials, Lauren said it felt like “waking up from a one-night stand” before accusing him of being “too nice”.

    Meanwhile, Andrea, 51 — who discovered her previous partner was gaslighting her after seeing what it was on  MAFS — and Richard, 62, the experiment’s oldest couple, met at the altar, immediately feeling a strong connection. 


    Over on Seven, we are now halfway through the auditions on Australian Idol.

    NSW trolley-pusher Isaac McCallum earned a Golden Ticket after his take on Bruises by Lewis Capaldi left its mark on the judges.

    “I think you’re one of the best vocalists I’ve heard for a long time,” judge Marcia Hines told him.

    Meanwhile, Brisbane high school student Jet Cameron,16, received a shock when Sam Fischer walked on stage during his performance of the artist’s hit This City. Conquering two dreams at once, the teen sang with his hero and progressed to the Aus Idol Top 30.


    On 10The Project welcomed icon Henry Winkler to the desk who taught a generation of kids how to be cool as The Fonz in Happy Days. But, it turns out he has never actually ridden a motorbike! Plus, it’s official, Take That is coming to Australia! and Gary Barlow stopped by to talk about it.

    Then, it was time for Australian Survivor where the Samoan beaches continue to see the toughest mind games and challenges yet.

    Feras unlocked a secret box hidden in the jungle to reveal an Idol and a key to a box at Titan’s beach, but when a fellow Rebel catches him red-handed, he’s forced to tell the whole tribe.

    The discovery of the mysterious box raises suspicions, leading to a shock Tribal Council no one saw coming, especially Tobias who was the fourth person eliminated from Titans v Rebels.


    On ABC’s Muster Dogs, at 10 months, the dogs have hit puberty and are starting to show some teenage rebelliousness. The assessment has mixed levels of success and one of our pups falls gravely ill.

    Then, it was another instalment of Total Control where Alex made an unsavoury deal with a political rival on a nation-changing piece of legislation and Charlie reached a breaking point.

    During Best Interests, the two sides went to battle in court. There was growing hope for Nicci’s case and her chances of a surprising victory; however, she was also forced to confront the damage this legal fight was doing to her family.


    Over on SBS, the world is fascinated by the Pyramids of Giza! Even today, Egyptologists are still working hard to reveal the mysteries behind these stone giants built over 4,500 years ago.  Documentary The Giza Pyramid: Reaching for the Stars explored various theories and recent global advances in Archaeology and Egyptology, Astronomy and Astrophysics, deciphering the clues left behind.

    Then on Secrets of Modern Archaeology, with global warming and conflicts, archaeological sites are increasingly in danger. Fortunately, cutting-edge technology might help us try to save these sites which hold the archaeological memoirs of our civilization.

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