Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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    OK but really, are third-party cookies going to be gone from Google’s Chrome by the end of 2024?

    As Google phases out third-party cookies in Chrome, the idea of them disappearing by the end of the year has become about as clear as a foggy day in London. 

    Behind-the-scenes of the cookie deprecation timeline:
    • Google needs CMA’s approval to end third-party cookies in Chrome.
    • CMA examines details for 60-120 days, putting Google in a tight spot.
    • If it takes the full 120 days, Google must say goodbye to cookies by September, potentially affecting holiday ads.
    • Early 2025 seems like a safe bet for the phase-out.

    In fact, some ad executives are putting their money on cookies waving goodbye sometime in the first quarter of next year. They just can’t see it happening anytime before then, despite Google’s insistence that they will be gone before the year is done — especially not when the market considers that its alternative (the Privacy Sandbox) is looking nowhere near ready to pick up the slack.

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