Monday, March 4, 2024

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    Why in-game advertising companies see potential benefits in the death of the third-party cookie

    Third-party cookies in Chrome are headed for extinction, but you wouldn’t know it from speaking to marketers. Everyone’s got a plan to weather the storm — or perhaps even take advantage of it. That includes in-game advertising companies, who are projecting confidence rather than doubt as the cookiepocalypse moves forward.

    Some executives in the in-game advertising sector are building the narrative that the cookie collapse might just be the space’s golden ticket, a chance to step out of the ad world’s shadow. While it’s far from the first time in-game advertisers have looked to hitch their wagon to a particularly buzzworthy horse, there’s some truth in these grand claims, given the massive amount of user data generated by gaming environments.

    Their theory — if you can call it that, given the uncertainty and guesswork of adland — goes something like this: once third-party cookies go kaput in Chrome once and for all, the online ad market beyond walled gardens will split into a big chunk of high-quality ad inventory with first-party identifiers and consent, alongside a long tail of poorly targeted impressions far more prone to fraud and malvertising.

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