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    TV Report January 31, 2024: Stunning blindside unveils unexpected elimination on Australian Survivor

    • Four more Golden Tickets awarded on Australian Idol 
    • Peta eliminated from Australian Survivor


    Nine’s A Current Affair put the spotlight on a brave young girl who has spoken out about a heinous sexual assault by a fake rideshare driver, hoping it will encourage other victims to speak up.

    On Married at First Sight, two more weddings took place while the existing couples went on their honeymoons. Jayden and Eden wed, accompanied by Jayden’s brother, 2023 MAFS groom Mitch Eynaud. After watching the nuptials, Mitch revealed he had “regrets” over not embracing his experience with Ella Ding

    Elsewhere, John Aiken visited Groom Michael to inform him that 48 hours after the bucks and hens night, his match decided not to go through with the experiment and Natalie, an avid gamer, wed Collins — who became overwhelmed by the high energy of his new wife.


    Over on Seven’s Home and Away, Levi told Mackenzie a shocking truth while Roo and John were in damage control. Meanwhile, Felicity and Tane faced reality.

    Then, on Australian Idol, it was the third night of auditions and judges Kyle Sandilands, Marcia Hines and Amy Shark awarded four more Golden Tickets in their search to uncover the nation’s next singing superstar.

    Drea Onamade’s high-energy take of Estelle’s American Boy captured the judges’ immediate attention, securing a coveted spot in the Top 30. The 25-year-old from Perth shared: “I get my love of music from my family. I am Nigerian Jamaican, having that culture behind me is absolutely incredible.”

    Queensland teen, Saoirse Harding, delivered a haunting take of I Love You by Billie Eilish while Self-taught singer and dancer, 28-year-old Jonathan Wells won the final Golden Ticket of the night.


    On 10The Project welcomed comedian Lloyd Langford, whose daughter is about to start an important life lesson, potty training, but he’s got a problem with how the experts are teaching parents to do it.

    The panel also looked at how Elon Musk has claimed that the first human patient has received a wireless brain chip implant from Neuralink, with the hopes that it may provide greater autonomy to people with spinal cord injuries or restore eyesight for the blind.

    Then, it was time for Australian Survivor and has not yet gone to Tribal Council, the Rebels were riding high on their winning
    streak. Dominating life at camp however is the “Cuddle Club” consisting of Peta, Alex, Sarah and Tobias, who appeared to be calling the shots.

    After the “Cuddle Club” throw the Immunity Challenge, the Rebels face their first-ever Tribal Council with Peta leading the charge against Kelli. Little does she know, Kirby has brought the “Misfits” together and orchestrated a stunning blindside and Peta was sent home, despite having an Immunity Idol.


    ABC’s 7.30 explored questions over contracts on Australia’s biggest public transport project plus El Nino usually means a higher chance of hot, dry conditions – so why is it so wet? And the scandal that rocked the UK Post Office.

    Fans were also treated to a repeat of Hard Quiz where expert topics included King Henry VII, Shaquille O’Neal, dinosaurs, and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert as contestants competed to take home Tom Gleeson’s Big Brass Mug.

    Two encore episodes of Spicks and Specks followed where Adam Hills, Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough were joined by Dylan Alcott, Gabbi Bolt, Mama Alto, Pete Hellier and experimental harp ensemble, Perolas


    Over on SBS, Stephen Fry headed 66 million years into the past, to the fateful last days of the dinosaurs, to see how plant-eaters fought back against predators like the deadly T-Rex in Dinosaur with Stephen Fry.

    Viewers also watched The Deadly Bermuda Triangle. For centuries, this 500,000 square-mile area of the Atlantic has been the most notorious stretch of ocean on Earth. It’s a place where ships, planes, and unsuspecting travellers have been lost, without a trace. What could cause so many mysterious vanishings inside the Bermuda Triangle?

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