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    Did Uber Eats just win the Super Bowl?

    Uber Eats has launched a Super Bowl teaser campaign starring Victoria and David Beckham, which plays on the ‘Be honest’ moment from the couple’s recent Netflix docuseries. 

    The teaser promoting the brand’s Super Bowl ad, which will also star “Jessica Aniston”, has already attracted global headlines, with some industry pundits picking it as the best of the Super Bowl ads four days ahead of the big game. 

    The ad, created by Special US, marks the first time the iconic couple have been featured in a Super Bowl spot and fits neatly within the brand’s long-standing strategy to lean into cultural moments and feature celebrities to promote the brand. 

    It comes as early reports from the US reveal brands have ditched X in favour of Instagram, TikTok and YouTube for the annual advertising and entertainment extravaganza, which also includes a football match. 

    A report from AdWeek revealed the top 30 Super Bowl brands spent 55% less on X in 2023 compared with the year prior, as the appeal of the platform declined sharply. 

    According to data from MediaRadar, 19 of the 76 brands that advertised during the 2023 Super Bowl spent an estimated $4.7 million with X in January and February 2023; however, the data found the estimated spend for the same period in 2022 was $15 million.

    The figure represented a decrease of 69% year-on-year and has been attributed to the impact of the changes since Elon Musk took ownership of the social media platform, previously known as Twitter. 

    The shift in ad spend is also indicative of an overall shift in strategy, which has seen brands opt for online video teasers rather than viral tweets. 

    This year’s NFL Super Bowl LVIII, which features the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs (aka Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s team), takes place on 11 February. 

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