Monday, March 4, 2024

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    Marketing Briefing: Agencies see more RFPs for brand building amid ‘recalibration’ of marketers’ priorities

    In recent years, marketers were putting more emphasis on performance marketing, proving efficiencies of ad budgets and retooling creative to tout value amid economic uncertainty. More recently though, marketers have shifted focus back to brand building and they’re looking for help with things like brand affinity, brand strategy, brand identity and brand refreshes and redesigns as they plan to invest more in brand channels, according to agency executives and search consultants, who say they’ve seen more requests for proposals seeking partners for brand building over the last few months and even the last year. 

    That’s not to say that marketers are less interested in performance marketing — they, of course, still want those wins — but it’s more that they’re interested in a more holistic approach now. The marketplace has shifted. The economic uncertainty of recent years isn’t as tense for some, which allows those brands to open the aperture and consider brand needs along with performance marketing. At the same time, the increasingly fragmented digital landscape makes it more difficult for marketers to win online now with solely performance tactics, so they’re thinking about how they can help their brands stand out. 

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