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    Married at First Sight 2024: Everything you need to know

    2024 will see the eleventh season of drama magnet Married At First Sight, with the brand new season set to premiere on Monday, January 29 at 7:30 pm on Nine and 9Now.

    The new season is set to have its most diverse cast of brides and grooms to date, with the oldest groom yet making an appearance as well as bringing back a same-sex couple. 

    There are nine brides and eleven grooms getting married off. Among the brides is a registered nurse and marriage celebrant, and their ages range from 27 to 51. Meanwhile, there is a tour guide and a PT in the grooms’ group and the men are aged between 28 and 62. 

    Experts John Aiken, Mel Shilling and Alessandra Rampolla will return for the new season.

    In a new trailer for the season, expert John Aiken finds out some news.

    “In all of our years of this experiment, this is unprecedented,” he’s heard saying, as he steps out of his car and knocks on someone’s door.

    “Everyone’s going to want to know about it,” another groom is heard whispering before a bride adds: “Did you hear one of the grooms… is gone.”

    The voiceover of the trailer then goes on to state the shock of the season, that for the first time, a groom does a runner. It is still unknown who the groom is. 

    In July, Mediaweek spoke to MAFS 2023’s Evelyn Ellis about her guest spot on Getaway and revealed that the opportunity was nothing for of a “dream come true”; however, it was unexpected, not sure how it all came about.

    “I think in life I do try to do everything with all my heart and put my best foot forward, so, I guess maybe they just had a spot available,” she admitted, before adding: “I think they maybe thought that Evelyn would be entertaining for a minute or two, and so I jumped on and had lots of fun and hopefully I get to do it again. That’s all you can really ask for in this industry.”

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