Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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    Consumers want brands to take responsibility for climate action, says latest report by Human8

    The majority of Australians believe brands need to take responsibility for climate action to help safeguard the future of our planet, according to new research. 
    The What Matters 2024 Report  by consultancy Human8 and creative specialists Space Doctors has found that Australians want more action from brands and companies, with 67% of people believing its time to move beyond “sustaining” and into “reversing” the damage done.
    77% say brands need to provide more information about sustainability efforts, with 43% saying that brands that don’t communicate about sustainability aren’t sustainable.

    The report emphasised that traditional sustainability approaches are no longer sufficient, as nearly seven in ten (67%) Australians express the need to move beyond mere environmental considerations to embrace regenerative sustainability, which extends its focus to encompass people and communities.

    According to Matthew Jorgensen, senior business director at Human8 Australia, the key takeaway is a rejection of the status quo mindset regarding environmental and community well-being. Jorgensen noted, “With regenerative sustainability, brands are challenged to foster a more harmonious relationship between commerce and caring for our people and planet.”

    A critical finding is that 79% of Australians believe brands bear the responsibility to safeguard the planet’s future. Jorgensen further explained, “Our 2024 What Matters report outlines actions that brands and stakeholders operating in Australia can and must take, to respond to what matters to people.”

    Maya Madhusoodan, managing director at Space Doctors APAC, highlights their commitment to regeneration as a certified B-Corporation. She stated, “With this in mind, we started our 2024 Do What Matters journey by developing a cultural framework of positive transformation.”

    The report’s Australian insights reveal widespread concern about the state of the planet (71%) and a desire for brands to inspire positive change (70%). Moreover, it underscores a realisation that only one in ten can confidently claim a sustainable lifestyle. Transparency emerges as a key expectation, with 77% of Australians asserting that brands must provide more information about sustainability efforts, and 43% believe brands silent on sustainability are not sustainable.

    The report showcased the need for brands to adopt regenerative sustainability practices and transparent communication to align with the growing demand for environmental and social responsibility.

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