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    LG targets Gen Z as it transforms into smart life solution brand

    LG Electronics is targeting Gen Z consumers with a positivity-focused marketing campaign as the premium brand transforms into a “smart life solution company”.  

    The ‘Life’s Good with Optimism’ campaign builds on the brand’s iconic ‘Life’s Good’ slogan in a bid to secure the brand’s future customer base by engaging Gen Z.

    LG marketing director Gemma Lemieux told Mediaweek, the move is part of the brand’s overarching mission to improve its brand positioning and engage new consumer demographics.

    “Our global vision is to transform into a smart life solution company that really looks at the way consumers use our products and their life experiences and offer solutions around that,” said Lemieux.  “We want to enhance the value of our brands, and there is a massive push for us to improve our brand positioning, and the key to that is the way that consumers think and act towards our brands.”

    The new campaign marks the first time LG has actively targeted Gen Z consumers.

    “It is an interesting and challenging task for us to try and connect with these audiences because they do see LG as a brand made mainly for their parents. We are developing specific products and solutions that really connect with the Gen Z audience,” said Lemieux.

    The campaign features Australian singer and athlete Cody Simpson as a brand ambassador. Simpson’s role is to use social media channels to promote a suite of specific products – earbuds, laptops and portable screens – in addition to sharing his journey of defying expectations and overcoming challenges to pursue his goals.

    “[The campaign] is about trying to inspire people, especially young people, to approach life with optimism, and positivity. We really want to build an authentic, emotional connection with Gen Z’s. I know a lot of brands are looking to do this. But for us, they are the future and they’re very important for us.”

    Lemieux said LG wanted to “convey an emotive message of support” to Gen Z consumers who face significant pressures trying to live up to what they see in social media.

    “With Cody, we’re focusing on telling his story about how he has shaped his life in a very fearless, optimistic way. He has really defined his own journey and remained true to his own journey. We want to show young Gen Z’s how they can be more optimistic and enhance their lives and shape their own futures.”

    It’s a significant shift for LG, which has always been positioned as a premium technology and innovation brand, and as a result, targeted older audiences with greater spending power. However, Lemieux said while the brand maintains its focus on “consumer-centric innovation” it also wants to ensure that is accessible to a broader demographic.

    “We didn’t have any issue with our premium positioning during COVID, but during a downturn we’re looking at ways that we can optimise our products across a suite of price points and make it more accessible for all consumers.

    “We’re making our products more affordable for consumers. We are looking at ways to enhance our tech and product innovation into different segments of the market, so still premium, still offering consumer-centric innovation.

    “The consumer is always at the heart of everything we do and we develop products that solve consumer needs, with clever innovation. So, whilst we’re a very premium brand, we’re also designing to complement consumers’ lives. We are not just creating products for product’s sake, but solving a consumer need and being part of their lives.”

    The campaign comes 24 years after the iconic Life’s Good slogan was first developed and launched in the Australian market, before rolling out globally.

    “For us, Life’s Good is more than a slogan, it’s a brand promise that has guided everything we have done since we introduced it 24 years ago,” said Lemieux. “Optimism is about finding the light when things are at their darkest and the idea of carrying this through troubling times is important to us as a brand.”

    “Globally, we are acutely focused on enhancing customer lives through transforming into a smart life solution company, with innovation at the core. Our message is about inspiring and encouraging people, especially young people, to approach life with an optimistic attitude, uplifting them and creating a meaningful influence in their lives during challenging times,” said Lemieux.

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