Saturday, March 2, 2024

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    TikTok creators are increasingly tapping into food-centric content — and brands are following

    Since cupcake company Baked by Melissa’s early days, co-founder and CEO Melissa Ben-Ishay has been the muscle behind its social media presence, posting regularly to Instagram and Facebook.

    Like many others, Ben-Ishay set her sights on TikTok in 2020 during pandemic lockdown, posting cupcake decoration videos, behind-the-scenes clips from the bakery where her brand’s signature bite-sized cupcakes are produced and other product videos. The videos did well enough, pulling in anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand views.

    Then she posted a salad. And 9.8 million views later, it’s caused a pivot in what Baked by Melissa regularly posts, ranging in everything from spooky tie-dye cupcakes and garlic chopping videos to how to make oat flour and, of course, salad.

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