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    Hyundai aims to inject “optimism” into EV category with IONIQ campaign

    Hyundai is showcasing the positive impact Australians can make by adopting its IONIQ range of electric vehicles (EVs) in a new campaign by Innocean Australia.

    The “Tomorrow looks good” campaign, which aims to provide a perspective on the future of transportation in Australia, incorporates an experiential lighting display powered by and responsive to the IONIQ range.

    Jenny Gulliver, Hyundai director of marketing, said the campaign aimed to position IONIQ as an optimistic EV brand amid growing uncertainty about the future, “with many people concerned that innovation and technology is leading us down an isolated, disconnected path.”

    “The EV category is no different, with brands reflecting a cold, tech-focussed world that lacks humanity,” Gulliver continued. “Therefore, to differentiate ourselves, we needed to position IONIQ as an EV brand that brings optimism to the EV category.”

    Hyundai aims to inject “optimism” into EV category with IONIQ campaign

    Innocean Australia and Hyundai IONIQ range

    To achieve a visual representation of optimism, Innocean collaborated with Scoundrel director James Dive, to fit LED light bars to IONIQ’s vehicles, which once moving create light trials. 

    The LED bars create a customised light trail with each forward movement of the cars. The light paths, inspired by each IONIQ model, are synchronised to a Stalking Gia cover of the song Tomorrow from the musical Annie. The technique, captured in-camera, utilises a method developed by Scoundrel and FIN Design + Effects, incorporating the latest aspects of long exposure filmmaking without the need for CGI.

    Dave Varney, Innocean creative director, said, “by merging the technique of light trails with the tech of the pixel stick, the IONIQs become a symbol of optimism.” 

    Dive said the aim of the film was “to push the visual technique of light painting. Emerging tech can now allow light trails to be whatever you can dream of.”

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