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    Mutinex CEO says Ehrenberg-Bass Institute sponsorship will benefit industry

    Mutinex has inked a sponsorship deal with market research centre, the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute (EBI) for Marketing Science in a bid to help drive more evidence-based marketing.

    The sponsorship combines EBI’s focus on academic research for industry and Mutinex’s slate of enterprise brands to support evidence-based decision-making for marketing investment.

    Henry Innis, CEO and co-founder of Mutinex told Mediaweek the deal would not only provide Mutinex’s customers with access to multiple datasets in evidence-based research and marketing, as well as benefit the overall industry.

    “We believe in contributing to that. I don’t think you can say you’re a proponent of evidence-based marketing as a senior industry leader unless you put your money where your mouth is.

    “Frankly, this is me and the wider Mutinex executive team doing exactly that and putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to when it comes to evidence-based marketing,” he added.

    Innis said he reached out to the EBI’s Professor Byron Sharp to establish the partnership, as he felt Mutinex’s work and the EBI’s science-based approach to marketing strongly correlate.

    “We believe that is incredibly powerful because, for a business like ours, the simple fact is that we are in the industry of understanding marketing from a quant perspective. Having the best access to the best academic research on the planet as to how that domain works is a good thing.

    “The industry at large, and the academic industry as well, has been supportive of us behind the scenes. If you can’t give back to the Giants whose shoulders you’ve stood on, that speaks to the character issue more than anything.”

    Innis said the data shared between Mutinex and EBI is still being worked out. “The way that we envisage it is we may have access to data sets already naturally within Mutinex’s ecosystem. We would seek permission from our customers if they wanted to participate in research. If our customers opt-in, it’s easy to get data sets structured fairly well across time. That’s how we see the issue playing out. But it’s very early days.”

    Among their long-standing platform users are Asahi, Samsung and ME Bank.

    The deal comes at a pivotal time for the industry as the rapid advances in AI and innovation are driving massive growth and change.

    “We are moving heavily towards a general piece of generalised intelligence. We are hard at work in deep in AI research. I believe that we will position ourselves as a hub for the best data science talent in the country to work on some of the hardest AI problems around in the coming year.

    “You will see us grow geographically and into Southeast Asia very quickly, which is mostly driven by our organic customer demand,” he added.

    Professor Byron Sharp, director of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, said that while the Institute remained dedicated in its role as an independent academic institution, the support from Mutinex as a sponsor of the Institute’s research and development is “deeply appreciated.”

    “Our commitment to advancing marketing science through rigorous academic research continues to be our primary focus, and sponsorships like these provide valuable resources that contribute to our ongoing research efforts,” Sharp added.

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    Top image: Henry Innis

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