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    Melbourne Radio Ratings 2023 Survey 7: 3AW slips, brighter outlook at SCA with Fox & Triple M up

    Melbourne Radio Ratings
    GfK Survey 5 2023, Survey Period: Sun Aug 13 to Sat Sept 16 & Sun Sept 24 to Sat Oct 28

    Biggest movers
    UP: 101.9 Fox FM +1.1
    DOWN: 3AW -2.3

    3AW 13.5% (15.8%)
    Cume: 828,000 (-29,000)
    2022 results: Best/worst
    Best 10+ 15.9% (17.6%)
    Best Breakfast 22.8% (20.1%)

    The station has posted its lowest share in 12 months. 3AW still is the clear leader in Melbourne, although the gap between #1 and #2 (Gold) is now just 1.1. Breakfast is down with Ross and Russ on a 12 month low too. Their share of 18.5% is still the highest metro breakfast share in Australia. They were working the phones hard this morning to try and get a weather report out of India this morning ahead of the World Cup Cricket clash on Thursday night. All 3AW dayparts trended lower with the biggest loss coming after 7pm where Money News and nights were down 5.1 to 13.7%.

    Gold 104.3 12.4% (12.7%)
    Cume 1,319,000 (-20,000)
    2022 results: Best/worst
    Best 10+ 12.0% (11.4%)
    Best Breakfast 11.2% (9.7%)

    After a cracking Survey 6 for the station and Christian O’Connell, shares for both eased just a little. (The interesting data is that Gold now trails 3AW by just 1.1. If ARN manages to acquire SCA thereby having to sell Gold 104.3, an FM station close to toppling 3AW would be a bonus for any new operator.) While Christian O’Connell has maintained #1 FM breakfast spot, Fox is now just 0.5 behind setting up a battle royal for the final Melbourne radio ratings survey of 2023. You might have to stop wrapping Christmas presents when those results are finally released just a few days before December 25.

    101.1 Fox FM 10.5% (9.4%)
    Cume 1,303,000 (+32,000)
    2022 results: Best/worst
    Best 10+ 9.6% (7.8%)
    Best breakfast 9.6% (7.4%)

    Are some of Melbourne’s breakfast shows getting a little saucy with the prospect of the filth-ridden Kyle and Jackie O breakfast show spreading south soon? Fifi, Fev and Nick took calls about makeout places in the city on their survey day show. Fev revealed he had wanted to make love in the goal square at the MCG. The closest he got –the car park outside the stadium! Breakfast share was up 1.5 to 11.0% which is the best in at least eight years. It’s also a share that would have Fifi, Fev and Nick ranked #1 in many other survey periods. Morning, drive and evening shares were also big Fox improvers in this survey. Carrie and Tommy are now #1 drive overall, having snatched the crown from Gold. Fox has consolidated its leadership under 40 while its share 18-24 is more than double KIIS in second place.

    smoothfm 91.5 8.5% (9.3%)
    Cume 1,160,000 (no change)
    2022 results: Best/worst
    Best 10+ 9.4% (7.3%)
    Best Breakfast 7.8% (6.1%)

    Share slipped again this survey, yet smoothfm still ranks #3 FM. Breakfast dropped 1.2 to under 7%. Afternoon was where station was previously most competitive and share there has dipped below 10%. smoothfm remains #2 FM 55-64 behind only Gold.

    KIIS 101.1 FM 7.1% (6.9%)
    Cume 1,162,000 (+20,000)
    2022 results: Best/worst
    Best 10+ 8.4% (5.6%)
    Best Breakfast 8.1% (5.4%)

    Share pushed back above 7% despite some tough punishment from Jase and Lauren. The duo have been torturing listeners with multiple plays of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You when either one of them drop the C-bomb in November. Lauren did it three times in just over an hour this morning…enough already! Breakfast share was back to 8% though for only the second time in many years. That had a knock-on impact across the day with all dayparts heading higher including drive with Will and Woody, up 1.4 to 9.4%. KIIS ranks #2 under 40 behind Fox.

    Nova 100 5.7% (6.3%)
    Cume 1,071,000 (-51,000)
    2022 results: Best/worst
    Best 10+ 8.0% (7.1%)
    Best breakfast 9.5% (7.5%)

    Another difficult survey with station and breakfast share dropping – the latter down 1.0 to 5.2%. That’s the lowest share since a Covid-impacted 4.6% in 2020. Afternoon was steady on 6.7%, yet drive slipped to 7.1%, down 1.1. Share 25-39 was steady, with Nova continuing to rank #3 behind Fox and KIIS.

    105.1 Triple M 6.9% (6.0%)
    Cume 848,000 (-2,000)
    2022 results: Best/worst
    Best 10+ 7.3% (5.0%)
    Best breakfast 6.3% (4.0%)

    Lehmo continues to help out in breakfast with the host away. Mick Molloy was also on the show today. Turns out the team has been doing a pretty good job with breakfast share up 1.4 to 7.2%. That is the best Triple M breakfast share since early 2019 under previous Hot Breakfast hosts Eddie, Darc and Wil. The breakfast boost rubbed off elsewhere with morning, afternoon and drive all up. Shares 40-54 also surged, up 4.6 to 12.4% where Triple M now ranks #2 behind Gold.

    SEN 2.7% (3.1%)
    Cume 393,000 (-14,000)
    2022 results: Best/worst
    Best 10+ 3.0% (1.3%)
    Best Breakfast 3.4% (1.3%)

    Breakfast beat the trend elsewhere at SEN 1116 with share up 0.5 to 2.9%. All other dayparts sagged about 0.5 except for afternoon which was down 0.9 to 2.8%.

    Magic 1278 1.3% (1.1%)
    Cume 140,000 (-2,000)
    2022 results: Best/worst
    Best 10+ 1.6% (1.0%)
    Best Breakfast 1.3% (0.5%)

    The station edged higher again with its equal second-best share result this year. Breakfast was stuck again on a share of 0.5%. Evening is making a mark with share up 0.5 to 2.3%.

    3MP 1377 1.1% (0.9%)
    2022 results: Best/worst
    Best 10+ 1.9% (0.6%)
    Best Breakfast 1.1% (0.3%)
    Cume 203,000 (+87,000)

    Cume continues to surge with the audience doubling in just two surveys. Station share was up slightly while breakfast edged higher by 0.2 to 0.6%.

    RSN 927 0.6% (0.7%)
    2022 results: Best/worst
    Best 10+ 0.9% (0.4%)
    Best Breakfast 1.4% (0.4%)
    Cume: 82,000 (-3,000)

    The start of the spring racing carnival has impacted radio ratings results a little. This survey stopped two weeks before Melbourne Cup Week though. Breakfast did manage to lift 0.2 to 1.0% where it continues to outrate Magic and 3MP.

    See also: Melbourne Radio Ratings 2023 Survey 6 – Gold & Christian bounce back as #1 FM

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