Sunday, December 10, 2023

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    Livewire announces Gameview: A new adtech platform for marketers to reach gamers

    Livewire has announced the launch of Gameview, a new adtech platform providing an access point for marketers wanting to reach gamers.

    The platform combines exclusive gaming media, targeting and real-time effectiveness metrics with a creative studio.

    The new platform will allow advertisers to build and serve creative campaigns, allowing them to find their target audience among 2 billion-plus gamers worldwide who can be accessed via the platform every month. 

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    Livewire says that their proprietary Gameview Data Management Platform (DMP) is at the core of Gameview, stating that the platform ingests, organises and activates audience data sets for marketing initiatives. The Gameview offering also streamlines the creative process, allowing advertisers to create standard, rich media, and video ads. 

    Indy Khabra, co-founder and media, data & technology lead at Livewire states that Gameview is helping clients discover who their targeted gaming audience is.

    “We are enabling a meaningful connection via the right device and at the best time while being non-intrusive to gameplay,” he said.

    Gameview has been confirmed to work across mobile, PC, console, cloud gaming, and esports platforms, and in most formats such as display, video and audio. 

    Khabra says gaming is the new gravity of marketing, and Gameview will help brands, publishers and gamers experience a positive outcome that meets the needs of all.

    “Gameview’s innovations in areas such as attention measurement, partner integration, and having a granular view of the gamer will ensure Livewire remains at the forefront of gaming technology innovation delivering incremental value for marketers.”

    Global CEO of Livewire, Tom Simpson expressed that gaming media needs to step up for brands to enter confidently into the play economy.

    “We passionately believe gaming is the new and improved social media for marketers in terms of connecting with consumers at scale,” he said.

    “Advanced data, auditing and programmatic capabilities are table stakes for smart brands in 2023 — advertising in-game needs to deliver this, alongside a gaming native creative experience that is right for the channel and consumer.” 

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