Thursday, December 7, 2023

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    How audience-first creative is amplifying audio and video campaigns for 2024

    Alex Donics, global director of demand marketing, Spotify

    For marketers, the most wonderful time of the year is also one of the most hectic. In addition to rallying for tentpole events like Black Friday and the holidays, there’s also the task of planning for the new year.

    It’s a juggling act, but marketing resources such as planning guides help minimize the risk of missing anything. As teams plan their strategies for audio and video campaigns in the coming year, they’re also turning to research and marketing trends to ensure they have the information their planning requires.

    One approach advertisers are focusing on in 2024 is audience-first creative — building impactful ads and making memorable seasonal moments for the audiences they reach and engage.

    Combining ad formats on platforms audiences trust drives awareness, intent and recall

    Because the path to purchase is a long one full of choices, building trust and engagement at every turn is essential, as is reaching audiences where they are and in ways that matter to them.

    For example, in the first half of 2023, Gen Z listened to podcast episodes more than three billion times and songs more than 560 billion times — a 76% increase from the previous year. According to Spotify’s 2023 Culture Next report, nearly three-quarters say podcasts teach them about topics they wish they’d learned in school, and 82% say they’ve used either music or podcasts to learn about cultures and experiences different from their own. And platforms matter as well. For example, according to the same report, 40% of Gen Z trust ads more when they experience them on Spotify than when they see them on social media.

    As this generation enters the workforce and begins to participate in household decisions, representing $360 billion worth of buying power, one way marketing teams are connecting with them is through digital streaming platforms. 

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