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    How does NCIS Sydney’s Blue compare to NCIS’ Abby? Mavournee Hazel hopes fans can see the difference

    Mavournee Hazel’s NCIS Sydney character Blue Bird (AKA Blue) may be a forensic pathologist like NCIS icon Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette); however, that’s where the similarities end.

    Speaking to Mediaweek before the November 10 premiere of the Paramount+ series, Hazel admitted that she hoped “fans remove themselves from that comparison”.

    “I think comparison is the thief of joy,” she said before adding that she was “aware” that this may happen.

    “I never thought I’d be in a position where I would be playing a role like Blue that is compared to someone like Abby’s iconic cultural resetting character,” she said. “Obviously there are similarities in what we do, but straight from the get-go, our team behind the scenes were so considered and thoughtful in how they wanted Blue to be different, and that she wasn’t going to be Abby and that she is her own person.”

    In the classic NCIS style that die-hard fans know and love, Blue’s character will evolve as we learn more about her and her backstory.

    “Hopefully people love her as much as Abby,” she said.

    Mavournee Hazel Pauley Perette NCIS

    (l-r) Mavournee Hazel and Pauley Perette. Paramount+

    Who is Blue, Mavournee Hazel’s NCIS Sydney character

    For the 27-year-old, Blue Bird, as a character, is a blessing.

    “She was part of an upcoming forensic Outreach Programme with the AFP, the Australian Federal Police, and she’s brought into the team by chance because their usual go-to forensic scientist can’t quite make it. So, Blue gets the opportunity to show the team what she can do,” she said.

    “She’s such a genuine, authentic character, and she’s so intelligent to a degree that I don’t think we fully even touched on in this season.” 

    NCIS Sydney cast

    L-R: William McInnes, Sean Sagar, Tuuli Narkle, Todd Lasance, Olivia Swann and Mavournee Hazel, NCIS Sydney Cast. Paramount+

    William McInnes and Mavournee Hazel visited the AFP

    While Hazel is a key member of the core cast, the actor she spends the most time with is William McInnes who plays AFP Forensic Pathologist Dr. Roy Penrose. Given his tenure in the Australian TV and Film landscape, it was a joy to work with him and they even got to visit the working Australian Federal Police labs.

    “That was amazing,” she exclaimed. “We got to go into the labs and see what they do there to protect the borders. It was fascinating seeing them analysing certain materials because Blue gets to do as well. I learned a lot from seeing them.

    She added: “I was also so surprised by how many young women were actually in these labs and go into the forensic world that is a little bit more male-dominated.”

    Mavournee Hazel and William McInnes, NCIS Sydney

    Mavournee Hazel and William McInnes, Paramount+

    Blue’s dedicated set 

    Mediaweek was fortunate to visit the set of NCIS Sydney during filming, with one warehouse that housed three different sets on a Sydney wharf.

    Blue’s lab in particular was a stand-out, with some of the most intricate details with a nod to the character’s quirky personality and style.

    For Hazel, it was just as thrilling.

    “I think I cried when I saw it for the first time, because, it was also my first day on set and to have a whole set dedicated to my character. She’s such an apologetic person who doesn’t want to take up any space and to have permission to be like, this is your nest, it was amazing.”

    NCIS Sydney premieres on November 10 on Paramount+.

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