Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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    The case for and against Netflix’s premature venture into programmatic advertising

    For ad tech bosses eyeing a partnership with Netflix, it might be wise to prepare for a bit more waiting. Despite Microsoft Advertising’s rocky start with the streaming giant, it appears that these two industry behemoths are locked in step for the near future. However, the pressing question remains: is this alignment in their best interests? It hasn’t been all that great for either party so far.

    This partnership has always been a bit of a mystery. Right from the beginning, there were doubts about whether Netflix should have ventured into developing its own ad tech or if it should have relied on Microsoft’s technology. Then there was the ongoing debate about whether Netflix even needed ad tech at this early stage of its journey to be the proprietor of a sizable ads business. To call it a rollercoaster of uncertainty would be an understatement.

    And this rollercoaster shows no signs of slowing down, especially as Netflix embarks on its second year in the advertising business. 

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