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    TV Ratings November 5, 2023: How many tune into The Block history making finale?

    • Director Martin Scorsese on The Project

    Overnight TV Ratings, November 5


    Primetime News
    Seven News 199,000 (5.00 pm) / 810,000 (6.00 pm)
    Nine News 784,000 (6.00 pm) / 417,000 (Late)
    ABC News 464,000
    10 News First 218,000 (5:00 pm)/ 201,000 (6:00 pm)
    SBS World News 117,000 (6:30 pm)/ 89,000 (7:00 pm)

    Daily Current Affairs
    60 Minutes 758,000
    The Sunday Project 166,000 (6:30pm) / 187,000 (7pm) 
    Insiders 309,000 

    Breakfast TV
    Weekend Sunrise 203,000
    Weekend Today 166,000
    Weekend Breakfast 137,000

    No surprises here! Nine has won Sunday night with a primary share of 37.8% and a network share of 47.5%.

    9Gem has won multi channels with a 5.5% share.

    Seven received a primary share of 16.7% and a network share of 22.3%.

    Ten took a primary share of 5.1% and a network share of 9.4%.


    It was a nail-biting and tense auction day to round the 19th season of Nine’s The Block. Even though they had a high reserve, Steph and Gian from House Four secured the victory, winning $1,750,000 in prize money — the largest result ever in the show’s history! The high school sweethearts sold their five-bedroom property for $5,000,000, which was $1,650,000 above the reserve. On the other end of the spectrum, Kristy and Brett gained a profit of only $65,000 after a drama-filled (shock horror) auction and Leah and Ash passed in, hoping to secure another buyer in the near future. While this time last week, 990,000 watched on, this week, 1,274,000 tuned in for the record-breaking season finale and 1,592,000 watched the Winner announced, down from last year’s finale of 1.692m. 

    Then on 60 Minutes, 758,000 saw the program delve into Ozempic and its irresistible weight loss boom. But is it too good to be true? 

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    526,000 began their evening with Seven’s The 1% Club before 326,000 settled in for Border Security: Australia’s Front Line where a cricketer from the UK wasn’t playing by the rules. 

    245,000 then tuned in for a repeat of Homicide: With Ron Iddles as Ron Iddles investigated seventeen-year-old Gary who went missing; however, his mum Jo-Ann struggled to make police listen. Eight years later, the case is still not solved until Jo-Ann pleaded with Iddles to investigate.

    Then, 141,000 watched Air Crash Investigation. When the cockpit window of Sichuan Airlines 8633 explodes, the crew somehow battles gale-force winds and oxygen deprivation to safely land the plane.


    389,000 watched ABC’s Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure where actor Joanna Lumley followed the legendary spice trail to her birthplace, India. Who knew?!

    Annika followed as a newly released prisoner was found dead in a dog cage under the Forth Rail Bridge and the team was sent to Edinburgh to find her killer with 377,000 tuning in.

    275,000 also saw Shetland.


    On 10The Sunday Project (166,000 (6:30pm) / 187,000 (7pm) ) Rove McManus chatted to iconic director Martin Scorsese while the team also spoke to Julie and Belinda Nguyen and their mum, Jennifer Do, who have been abused online after they were accused of not paying for a $364 lobster dinner. 

    Then, on The Graham Norton Show, Aussie Succession star Sarah Snook, pop legend Boy George, actor Greta Lee and the irrepressible Miriam Margolyes joined host Graham Norton on the couch for 147,000.


    The highest rating non-news show on SBS was Kennedy, Sinatra and The Mafia which told the story about the friendship between two of the 20th century’s greatest icons, Frank Sinatra and John F Kennedy. 96,000 watched on.

    Total TV Ratings, October 29

    1,753,000 watched Nine’s The Block as both the stakes and the drama were at an all-time high with a secret gnome sale, up 27%.

    892,000 viewed Seven’s The 1% Club, up 13%.

    812,000 tuned into 10’s AFC Olympic Qualifiers where the Matildas annihilated the Philippines 8-0, up 13%.

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