Monday, December 11, 2023

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    Crayola looks to increase its presence on social media by creating 40 videos a month

    The short-form video boom has created a seemingly never-ending need for content with marketers turning to creators as well as publishers to help feed the content beast. Crayola has partnered with TheSoul Publishing this year to help it do just that.

    The 120-year-old art supply brand now rolls out roughly 40 videos a month on YouTube — roughly three times what it was producing prior to the partnership — with the hopes of generating more organic viral videos to continue to grow its presence on social media. By working with TheSoul Publishing, which has brands like 5-Minute Crafts, Crayola is employing the publisher’s expertise in creating do-it-yourself and craft content for its social channels.

    “It doesn’t matter if you make great content if no one ever sees it,” said Victoria Lozano, executive vice president of marketing at Crayola, of the brand’s need to partner to help reach audiences. “How do you scale it? How do you get out there? How do you make sure it reaches the maximum number of consumers in a way that’s really engaging? That’s it’s informing them about our products or inspiring the use of our products? Engaging the brand at a high level? We’ve been looking at partnerships as a way of accomplishing that.” Since employing the strategy, Crayola’s organic views have increased and watch hours have grown significantly, according to the companies, who did not immediately respond to a request for specific figures.

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