Thursday, December 7, 2023

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    Why Cirque du Soleil is creating its own influencer network

    Influencer marketing has become a permanent fixture in many marketers’ strategies. Hoping to scoop up some of those ad dollars and cash in on its extensive network of artists, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group launched its first official influencer network this month. 

    The nearly 40-year-old entertainment group’s new offering touts more than 1,500 artists — their combined following totaling more than 35 million followers across social media in which brands can pay to produce social-first content. It wasn’t clear what these artists’ exact fees are — or how much of a cut Cirque du Soleil takes.

    “How do we harness all of the engagement and the fan following that those individuals have for us to create something unique,” said Christopher Bower, Cirque du Soleil’s head of global brand and social. The entertainment group is looking “to create a new type of product that we can then bring to our brand partners as part of our collection of different things, different elements that we can bring into a brand sponsorship,” added Bower.

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