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    oOh!Media Outfront 2024: Bel Harper shares her highlights of the OOH company’s showcase

    oOh!Media put on an impressive display at its 2024 Outfront presentation on Tuesday.

    The outdoor advertising and media company showcased its offerings for the year ahead to agencies and clients.

    Bel Harper, executive group director – product strategy at oOh!Media spoke to Mediaweek after the presentation to share her highlights, why their offerings stand out, and what agencies and clients can expect in the year ahead.

    Harper noted that oOh!Media wanted to be transparent in their presentation messaging on the key pillars and their actions for the year ahead.

    “We want to piece things together so our clients feel and see progress and that they can see we’re committed to delivering the right outcomes for them, and we’re committed to growing the industry as well.

    The announcements included the launch of its premium Sydney Out of Home network, oOh!Media’s Reooh partnering up with Drakes Supermarkets, the launch of oOh! Outcomes and the company’s plans for a more sustainable future. 

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    oOh!Media - Bel Harper

    Bel Harper

    Harper’s oOh!Media Outfront highlights

    Media buyers and brands have been presented with a wide range of offerings this upfront season.

    For Harper, she said oOh!Media’s standout offering was the launch of oOh! Outcomes. She noted that it combines its capability around data partnership and partnerships with Unpacked by Flybuys and Westpac DataX to understand sales outcomes and broadens that information to the industry to measure all outcomes.

    “So not just oOh!Media campaigns, but the whole industry is all about sector growth, and that’s what we’re absolutely committed to.

    “In the ESG space, we want to be authentic and committed to actual outcomes for the partners that we work with. There’s a lot of scrutiny around working with partners who are genuinely committed to this space.

    “We’ve heard Kathy say today we’ve got a team of people whose job is, day-in-day-out, to look for ways to innovate and ensure that we’re doing absolutely everything we can to progress this space.

    “We genuinely believe where we’re leading the industry in Australia, and we’ll continue to be committed to that,” Harper added.

    oOh! Outcomes and its offering to agencies and brands

    oOh! Outcomes was unveiled at the OutFront, and attendees were told it would provide advertisers and agencies with behaviour-based data across 800 buyer segments mapped to all of oOh! ‘s 35,000 sites.

    The data offers detailed insights into total campaign performance, including sales uplift, conversion of new and existing buyers, market share shift, and uplift in brand and category buyers.

    Harper noted that her discussion on stage with Chris Gartside, director of data and analytics from PepsiCo, centred on how the more metrics available, the deeper brands can test, learn and optimise their campaigns.

    “We offer around 12 different metrics as part of that reporting suite. Everything from the new buyers, lapsed buyers, brand penetration, category share, and uplift in overall sales. Some deep metrics around age and location of buyers,” she explained.

    “Being able to look at that holistically for out-of-home and improve out-of-home performance. We think it will be great for the industry. But we also think being able to be more holistic around the total campaign performance will benefit the industry,” Harper added.


    Chris Gartside with Bel Harper

    oOh! Media’s outlook for a bigger and greener future

    Harper highlighted oOh! Media’s commitment to its efforts for a sustainable future. She said:” It’s going to be a big year for what we call greenfield sites – so brand new sites that have never featured in councils like beautiful suburbs such as Rose Bay, Double Bay, Dover Heights Edgecliff and Woollahra.”

    “Across these gorgeous suburbs, we’re installing over 77 advertising faces that will use 70% less power for those digital advertising sites. We’re plugged into green energy, which is fantastic for the environment and manufactured in Sydney.

    Harper also noted that Sydney’s Metro Martin Place retail precinct is a “world-class game-changer”.

    “There’s going to be beautiful, fine dining locations within the epicentre of luxury retail and the commercial hubs of Australia, as well as the metro train station contract, which we are so excited about.

    “We will truly be unmissable,” she said.

    “They’re gorgeous stations, and we were lucky enough to go in there and tour the stations; they’re beautifully designed. We expect that there’ll be a lot of migration from Sydney trains onto those stations because they’re servicing the absolute commercial heart of the City of Sydney,” Harper added.

    Harper on the year ahead

    Looking to the year ahead, Harper highlighted that the three contracts in Sydney – Sydney Metro, Sydney Metro Martin Place and Woollahra Council – cement its position in the Sydney Market.

    We also have 95% reach of the rest of Sydney, which is made up of 658 different suburbs, so that’s important if you want to reach Sydney siders we’ve got all of them covered,” she said.

    Harper noted that outside of Sydney, oOh!Media also has a big footprint in the CBDs of Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, and over 90% in every market.

    “I think for us, it’s really about getting back to optionality around the broadcast piece, but also brilliant premium assets that complement our Mosman and Hunters Hill coverage. So, in Sydney, we want people to think about us when they think premium.
    “Our broadcast story is so strong now with these wins. We’re super excited to take that to market next year,” Harper added.

    Top image: Bel Harper

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