Friday, September 22, 2023

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    Adobe, Amazon and Salesforce in this week’s AI martech releases

    Adobe finally moved Firefly out of beta and into its products, Salesforce added a chatbot to all of its apps and Amazon gave sellers a text generator. That’s just the top of this week’s roundup of AI-powered martech releases.

    • Salesforce unveils Einstein Copilot, a chatbot for all its apps
    • SAS embraces generative AI for marketing
    • Amazon added generative AI to help sellers write product descriptions.
    • Adobe added its Firefly image generator Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Express and Adobe Experience Cloud. It is also available for commercial use via a web app.
    • Corsearch’s Name Generator helps businesses create and clear brand names. It uses AI to generate instant suggestions and check them against global databases for trademark conflicts.

    Dig deeper: The rise of generative AI:  A marketer’s guide to textual and visual AI content

    • Litmus’ Email Guardian automatically scans emails for changes in email clients and notifies users of any issues. It also integrates with Litmus Personalize to provide powerful personalization capabilities and AI-powered content optimization tools.
    • Cloudinary’s Studio allows users to quickly adapt images and videos with ease and at scale. It uses AI to automate collaboration workflows and create unlimited asset variations from a single source file.
    • Acquia integrated its DAM platform with ChatGPT and Clarifai to help creatives and marketers create on-brand, SEO-optimized product descriptions and image alt text. This integration can be used as a standalone solution or with content management systems such as Drupal.
    • Birdeye’s BirdAI is an AI-powered platform helps businesses improve their customer engagement and reputation management. It offers a suite of features, including text generation, analysis and translation.
    • Vendelux has integrated with Salesforce to help marketers connect sales data with event data. This integration will help marketers to connect sales data from Salesforce with Vendelux’s real-time database of events; align in-person events directly to sales opportunities; and, forecast potential revenue to be derived as a result of participation at any given event.

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