Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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    Why Google on trial is the pivotal moment that could shape the future of online advertising

    When the U.S. government faces off against Google in court later today, it will be the start of the first significant attempt to rein in a major tech giant in a generation. If the Department of Justice manages to pull this off, it could really shake things up for Google, possibly giving its rivals a chance to grab a bigger slice of the pie in what used to be Google’s stronghold: search advertising.

    Whether this happens depends on if Judge Amit P. Mehta believes that Google played a bit dirty by cutting deals with Apple, telco companies and other device makers to be the automatic search engine to users on their platforms and tech. The U.S. government argues that this strategy has harmed fair competition, effectively locking Google into a dominant 80 percent or higher market share in search.

    Key dates for trial

    Tuesday, September 12, 2023:

    Tuesday September 12 – Friday October 6, 2023:
    Parties opening statements
    DOJ’s Case-in-Chief

    Tuesday October 9 – Tuesday October 24, 2023:
    (Colorado) State AGs Case-in-Chief

    Wednesday October 25 – Wednesday November 15, 2023:
    Google’s Case-in-Chief

    Thursday November 16 – Friday November 17, 2023:

    Friday January 26, 2024 (estimated):
    File Post-trial briefs & PFOF (estimation based on scheduling order)

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