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    Nine Upfront 2024: Every business announcement

    Nine kicked off the 2024 Upfront season with an event held at Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion on Wednesday.

    Here is a breakdown of updates to expect from Nine over the next 12 months, from a business frontier. 

    Paris 2024 Olympics

    United media ecosystem designed for Paris 2024 so brands can reach 98% of Aussies

    Nine has unveiled their united media content ecosystem which allows brands to reach 98% of Australians in a campaign window stretching nearly 10 months, leading up to their Olympic and Paralympic Games coverage.

    Nine states that their specific content and opportunities allow brands premium integration to share their stories and help build excitement on the road to Paris that covers the length of Nine’s assets.

    Sport unites Australians like no other content, and there is no greater contest than the Games. As teams including the Matildas, the Dolphins and athletes and para athletes prepare for Paris 2024, Nine’s Total TV, Total Audio and Total Publishing assets will provide customisation through themed content and brand extension opportunities that weaves through every brand Nine owns.

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    New advertising products for brands announced ahead of Olympics coverage

    Nine have announced their plans for interactive ads across 9Now, providing a way for brands to create deeper engagement through immersive experiences and ensure shoppable moments.

    Nine states that their continued investment in data, content and technology as they head towards their Olympics decade will ensure that 9Now is the ultimate platform for brands to reach and influence Australian audiences.

    9Now x olympics

    When the 9Now homepage is transformed across connected TVs in October, it will be accompanied by new TV show and genre sponsorship integrations. Nine will integrate brands into the new experience with logo placements on the new homepage when the viewer hovers over the content tile for that show. Sponsors of a content genre will similarly be able to integrate into the experience, enabling brands to tap into audience interests and create a halo effect by aligning with particular content themes.

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    Expanding e-commerce media solutions

    Nine has announced plans to expand its e-commerce media solutions across its editorial portfolio of Australian online news brands, allowing advertisers to embed their products into its environments and benefit from the online sales generated by referrals from Nine’s multi-platform network.

    Nine Upfront 2024 E-commerce Media Solutions

    Nine entered the e-commerce space with the launch of Product Reviews in November 2022 – a site in the network dedicated to helping consumers make smart shopping decisions across a diverse range of trending and practical consumer products through reviews, gift guides and information on savings deals.

    Following the success of Product Reviews, Nine will evolve the opportunities available to a broad cross-section of brands to integrate their products into Product Reviews content.

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    Launch of self-serve AI tech platform for SMBs

    Nine has announced the launch of Nine Ad Manager, a self-serve tech platform utilising Artificial Intelligence that will give Australian small to medium size businesses (SMBs) the ability to buy video advertising on 9Now, target to postcode level and build video creative using AI.

    With the ability to target audiences using age and sex demographics, postcode and Nine’s 9Tribes audience segments, Nine Ad Manager is an all-in-one self service ad platform that unlocks the power of streaming TV advertisings for SMBs to connect with local customers.

    SMBs can now create an ad using AI by entering their website URL into Nine Ad Manager. The platform collates images, text, branding and colour palettes from the business’s website, creating a scripted video with AI-generated voice-over – all produced in under a minute.

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    New retail media partnership program “RTLX”

    Nine has announced a retail media partnership program that will amplify and extend the omnichannel ecosystem of its retail media partners. 

    Nine states that the program, named “RLTX”, will help advertisers to multiply the return on their retail media investment using its suite of assets, content and first party data.

    Nine Upfront 2024 RTLX

    RTLX will give each of Nine’s retail partners access to their content to create new consumer experiences on their platforms. As well, it grant them access to Nine’s development teams to leverage existing data and advertising products.

    New advertising products, commercial models and affiliate programs will also be introduced to deliver a greater return on clients’ retail media investment.

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    Industry unites for world-leading unified BVOD trading platform

    Nine has announced its participation in a groundbreaking alliance with Seven, Paramount and OzTAM that will enable advertisers to manage reach and frequency of their programmatic campaigns across 9Now, 7Plus and 10 Play incorporating co-viewing, and creating Total TV measurement with all of their FTA channels.

    Nine Upfront 2014 VOZ Streaming

    Set to launch in 2024, VOZ Streaming will use one of the most advanced TV measurement methodologies in the world to understand cross-platform viewership and assign a universal ID to every viewer behind a device, used to optimise frequency on BVOD and measure deduplicated reach and frequency with linear TV.

    The privacy-first solution transforms current industry practices limited to anonymous device level frequency management, and sets the gold standard for Total TV trading now and into the future.

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