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    Darren Woolley and Rowena Millward to be key advisors for Agency 50

    Mediaweek is excited to announce that Darren Woolley and Rowena Millward will be serving as the key advisors of the Agency 50 list, which will be unveiled at the Mediaweek 100 Industry Lunch on October 13, at the Pearl Ballroom in the Crown Sydney.

    The Agency 50 will count down the top 50 most influential and powerful media agency executives in the country and consider how they positively influence the industry, their organisation, and the client’s business.

    Buy tickets to the Mediaweek 100 Industry Lunch here.

    The Mediaweek 100 Considerations Portal is available here

    In this role, the pair will work together to guide the direction of the Agency 50 list, alongside Mediaweek’s Alisha Buaya and Amy Shapiro.

    Alisha and Amy

    Alisha Buaya and Amy Shapiro

    Woolley is the Global CEO of TrinityP3, and also serves as Mediaweek’s marketing/agency editor-at-large. 

    TrinityP3 is one of Australia’s largest and most influential independent marketing/pitch consultancies. TrinityP3 has a significant presence in Australia where it leads the pitch process for many of the country’s leading advertising accounts as well as having offices in London, New York and Zurich. This makes Woolley one of the most relevant and respected voices in the industry.

    A scientist by training, Woolley fell into advertising as a copywriter but ended up creative director of JWT before moving over to launch TrinityP3 in 2000 where he has sought to bring a more rigorous approach to the selection of agencies and marketing partners for brands. 

    Millward is the capability and careers Chair for Mediaweek Academy and has spent over 20 years working client side in marketing in Australian, APAC, North American, and Global roles across companies such as Procter & Gamble, Neutrogena and Johnson & Johnson, the last of which she spent over 15 years.

    Millward consults and runs capability programs for many of the world’s most admired brands and companies.  Her leading-edge knowledge across marketing, business and leadership has helped hundreds of brands transform and reinvent themselves in the digital age.

    Millward is also a two-time best-selling author.  Her book Uncomfortable Growth® – Own Your Reinvention is now a leading program helping executives navigate career and life crossroads to create their next chapter.

    Millward currently leads OMD Elevate (OMD’s client engagement program), is part of ADMA’s Education Advisory Committee, is a founding mentor for The Marketing Academy and is on the faculty for Thought Leaders Global.  

    Commenting on his new role in the Agency 50 list, Woolley said: “The Agency 50 list is quickly becoming the industry bellwether for identifying the shifts in influence within the media agency landscape. It is no longer enough to be in a position of power simply. Today, it is more critical to leverage that power to positively influence advertisers, media owners, employees, and the broader community.

    “After all, being promoted into a position of power is just the first step. How someone uses their position to influence positive change is the real measure of power. This year, we are looking for those who use their influence to create the most positive outcomes, not just consolidate their position in the industry”.

    Millward also added: “Media spend is the biggest investment on a Client’s marketing P&L, and the Mediaweek Agency 50 is an invaluable resource. It’s a privilege to partner with Mediaweek in recognising the Agencies at the top of their game. I’m proud to partner with Mediaweek to recognise the top 50 Agencies who are transforming our industry”

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