Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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    How the growth of click and impression farming are getting worse with AI

    While click farming and impression farming have been around for a while in digital advertising, the increased use of artificial intelligence may worsen these larger fraud-related problems. It’s the last thing agencies and brands need, given how much fraud they’re already chasing down.

    Whether it is farming for clicks or for impressions, which can be different based on the platform targeted, agencies say AI will likely play a big role in helping these bots and bad inventory to scale massively.

    “Click farming and click fraud is getting paid to click on anything,” said Tyler Nall, group vp of platform strategy at Publicis Health Media. “Impression fraud is the same type of thing but for impressions, so it’s getting paid to generate it … We need to make changes structurally in how we think about programmatic and how we transact programmatically if we’re going to address this issue.”

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